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FYI: there is NO minimum age for buying condoms!


An anon asked:

This might sound like a strange question but, do you need to be a certain age to purchase a vibrator? ‘cause i know for condoms you have to be 17, the age of consent, but is there one for vibrators?

No no no! You don’t need to be a certain age to buy condoms, it doesn’t matter if you’re under the age of consent or not! I’ve never heard of a shop imposing a limit, and although I suppose some might, I’m not even sure that would be legal. Anyway, there is definitely no age limit law on buying condoms like there is for alchol, for example.

As for vibrators, there’s no legal age limit, but some sex stores / websites have an 18+ door policy. But nobody’s gonna card you at the checkout!

What can I use to masturbate with instead of a vibrator?


Want a vibrator? But don’t want, y’know, a vibrator?

Here are some other things you could try… some will probably be more powerful than others! if you’ve tried ‘em before, tell me if they worked or not! Leave a reply or get in my ask

1) The humble back massager

2) An electric toothbrush. Sometimes you can take the head off to reveal just a vibrating metal strip. Otherwise, you probably wanna use the back not the bristles!

3) Because when I think of shaving, I definitely want a razor that vibrates? Anyway, you can take the razory bit off to reveal the vibrating tip.

4) Oh look, a vibrator you can clean your face with! Thanks Neutrogena.

5) At a Walgreens or whatever? They have these hidden among the condoms…

6) And even these…

7) Or you could even try taking yourself for a spin cycle…

8) Or get a buzz out of those toy pens…

OK, that’s about everything I could think of! Have fun experimenting ;)

Just make sure that whatever you use is clean and if it’s not an authentic vibrator you either put a condom on it or use non microwavable saran wrap. It’s not ideal but it will make it safer.