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Today,when I used the bathroom and wiped,it was like a clear gooey and there was strings of blood in it? What the hells going on? Also,this has happened before. (But if this info helps,my boyfriend and I had sex like a week or so go without a condom and it had been 2 days after I had gotten off my period)..

Any time you have sex without a condom there is a chance of pregnancy. Anytime you do that immediately take plan b (which is only effective for 5 days past the sex) and take a pregnancy test around the time of your next period or 3-4 weeks later. The clear gooey part was probably discharge, the blood could be spotting or if there’s any pain it could be from a tear. 


When I have unprotected sex, my vagina/outer area burns and swells up after. It usually goes away in a few hours, but sometimes it gets a bit itchy. It has always been this way, but I've only had one partner so I don't know if it would be like that with everyone. Neither of us have any STDs (we've been tested) or infections. I've asked my gyno, but must have worded it wrong because he just told me to use lubrication. That isn't the problem. Any ideas?

If it just happens when you have unprotected sex you could be slightly allergic to your partner’s semen.


How high of a chance? And I don't talk to him he played me and we aren't on speaking terms. And where would I get the morning after pill and can I take it within the next day or 2?

There’s really no way for me to give you an actual percentage. It’s a pretty low chance if it was just pre-ejaculate. The morning after pill is more effective 5 days or less after the sex, so asap basically. It can be found at Planned Parenthood, health clinics, and pharmacies. 

What are some reasons my period can be shorter than usual? Also, I had unprotected two weeks ago but he was only inside me for less than a minute.

Many things can affect period length; age, stress/depression, weight gain or loss, hormones, medication, any number of things. 

If there was semen involved you could be pregnant, if there was pre-ejaculate involved there is a small chance you could be pregnant. Other than that you should be okay as far as pregnancy goes (although of course you wouldn’t be protected from any STDs/STIs they might have had)

TW: Rape

Anon: 2 months ago I was raped and there was no protection involved. I haven’t been on the pill for several years, so I went to Planned Parenthood and got the Plan B morning after pill. About 3 days later I got my period and I believe the information that came with the pill says something about it screwing up your cycle, but I haven’t gotten another period since then. I had unprotected sex three weeks ago and I’m afraid that I’m pregnant, but I can’t tell if I’m just late from the morning after pill.

Answer: Plan B can definitely mess up your period for a few cycles, as can trauma and stress both of which can come with a horrible experience like rape. You might want to take a pregnancy test just to make sure, since you have had unprotected sex since. Good luck!

I had unprotected sex with someone, is it likely I got any STDs? I don't actually think he came inside me because i guess he just could get over the edge (that was kind of weird/awkward). Should I get tested? Does planned parenthood do it for free?

Yes you should get tested. Even if he didn’t orgasm there are some STDs/STIs that don’t get passed through bodily fluids, but rather skin contact, like HPV and Herpes. Planned Parenthood does offer free STD/STI testing.

I had unprotected sex last night, should I bother getting tested for stis? And how can I check that the morning after pill has worked?

Yes you should get tested for STDs and STIs! You can go to a free health clinic or Planned Parenthood and get the full battery done. I’m guessing from the way you phrased the question that you took the morning after pill? That’s good, the sooner you take it the better it works. Make sure to follow the directions to the letter. If you don’t have your period within three weeks or if you have any pregnancy symptoms take a pregnancy test.

I have been having completely unprotected sex with my boyfriend for almost two years. I have never become pregnant and I have always had random/not regular periods. When I told my doctor this information about 6 or 7 months ago, the only response I got was a prescription for birth control pills. I feel like there may be something wrong with me... but I don't know. I want to have a child SOME day, but it's like my doctor didn't even care because I'm 19. What do you think about this?

Fertility can jump up and down, some periods of your life you might not be as fertile as others. Also, if it’s been with the same boyfriend, it might be that he has a low sperm count or some other fertility issue. At your age, random and irregular periods are very common. Whenever you are ready for children you and whatever partner you have can get checked out and see if there are any problems. For some people it is more difficult to get pregnant than others, that’s just how it is. That doesn’t necessarily mean you CAN’T get pregnant. Good luck!

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