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How Can Adults Help Teens in Unhealthy Dating Relationships?



Healthy relationships are essential for overall well-being, especially for young people. Occasional arguments are expected, but never should there be any physical, emotional, or psychological harm done to anyone in the relationship.

This can be particularly tricky for teenagers, who are still at a time in their lives in which they are coming into their own and figuring things out. Think about it: As a teenager (and even as a young adult), you were still developing, physically and mentally, even if you believed that you were “grown enough” to do and make certain decisions. Some of the decisions you made probably weren’t the wisest (I can definitely think of a few occasions in which I didn’t make the best decisions), but there were also decisions you made that ended up being the best for you at that time as well.

More often than not, when you look back, many of the decisions you made were influenced by many factors, including your peers, the media, entertainment, and your home environment. When we constantly see something or are told something, regardless of it being “good” or “bad”, we come to find that our lives and decision making begin to become shaped by it. 

February is National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, a national campaign to raise awareness about the impact of violence in teen and young adult dating relationships, and to share ways to help teens and young adults develop healthier dating relationships. While young men are often victims of teen and young adult dating violence, young women are more likely to be victims

How can adults help teens and young adults in unhealthy dating relationships? Here are five recommendations:

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