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Planned Parenthood Process


Hey guys, I just found out that my nearest Planned Parenthood offers informed consent hormones. Does anyone have experience with the process? Blood work, follow up, then do they give you injections? Or do they prescribe you the hormones and you do your own injections? Do you have to keep going back? How often? If you have any info please shoot a message to my inbox at


Hi! My name is Billieanne and I’m a part of the blog team of I Will End Sexual Violence, a new editorial blog on Tumblr that came out of a social media campaign asking young people to commit to ending sexual violence in their communities.

We are looking for submissions from young people all over the world, telling their own stories of how sexual violence has impacted their lives. These stories can be a personal account, about an experience working in prevention or how the issue has affected their broader lives; we want a diversity of stories! Your submission doesn’t have to be a written post; it could also be an image, a short video, a drawing. Get creative!

We would love a submission from you or your followers! Here is everything you need to know about submitting:

Please send any questions you have here.

Thanks again and happy blogging!

Submission from spiralingoutwards


I enjoyed your post about miconazole, I was wondering if you had any opinions on gentian violet as a cheaper OTC remedy for yeast? I know, I know, it’s messy. And my NP called me “old school” when I talked about using it for vaginal yeast infections. But lots of my lactation clients use it, and I’ve had great success with it as a powerful and single-dose remedy for vaginal yeast infections. I hate miconazole with a fiery passion, so I usually just do the gentian violet/probiotics/garlic clove up the vag thing!

from @s

Gentian Violet

What is it?  It’s a chemical used to kill fungi, like yeast.  It’s also a coal-tar derivative, which means that it started as coal and was sent through a significantly chemically process to get it to coal-tar and then again from coal-tar to gentian violet.  It used to be used in the 60s and 70s much more often than it is now. 

Why don’t we use it anymore? Well, there are NO STUDIES specifying how to use it in the vagina.  There are studies that say yes, it does kill fungus, and there are studies that say yes, it does work for fungus in the mouth, but there is nothing specifying the dose, the concentration, and the length of use in vaginas.  There’s no information even saying that it’s even safe.

But do people use it for vaginal yeast infections?  Yes, they do.  Here are some important notes about using it for vaginas from a vulvovaginal specialist doctor that I respect:

  • Use only concentrations of 1% or less, otherwise it can be very irritating to the walls of the vagina
  • Gentian violet is messy, and bright purple.  Expect that it will stain everything, including your skin.  Wear a pad and undies you don’t care about while you use it and after you finish.
  • No sexual activity while using gentian violet, as that will tear the skin and potentially cause you to be permanently tattooed.
  • What you need to use it:
  • Disposable gloves
  • Gentian violet 1%
  • A disposable Tupperware type plastic container for mixing the gentian violet and soaking the tampon
  • Tampons with a plastic applicator (a cardboard applicator will fall apart in the liquid)
  • A tablespoon (and possibly teaspoon) that you won’t mind throwing away
  • Dark towels
  • Vaseline to coat your skin (if you choose)
  • Pads
  • Underwear that you won’t mind throwing away
  • Plastic baggies (for throwing away the tampon applicator, you don’t want to risk stains as you chuck the tampon in the trash, but obviously you can avoid this step if you like)

How to do it (taken from this article):

  1. Wash your hands. Apply Vaseline to protect the skin of your vulva if you decide on that option. Have your pad secure in the underwear that you are going to put on and close at hand. Wash your hands again and dry them well. Put on the disposable gloves. (you can also apply the Vaseline while the tampon is soaking up the gentian violet if mixing up the stuff with your bottoms off bothers you and you think you can be quick about it).
  2. Add one tablespoon of gentian violet 1% to the Tupperware container. If you plan on diluting it add another tablespoon of water and you will have a 0.5% solution (based on the oral studies for thrush 0.5% is probably fine and likely to be less irritating). You don’t need much liquid. If you want to make a 0.1% solution use one teaspoon of gentian violet and three tablespoons of water.
  3. Take the tampon out of the wrapper and put the tip in the gentian violet. The liquid will soak up into the tampon through the opening at the tip. Let it soak about ¾ of the way up. This will not take very long (a few minutes at most).
  4. Insert the tampon as you normally would and put the applicator in the baggie to throw away. Remove the tampon after 3-4 hours and discard, remove sooner if you have irritation.
  5. Repeat this for 5 to 12 days depending on your symptoms. Starting at once a day seems reasonable.
  6. If you fail this or any other treatment for yeast you should get a yeast (mycology) culture before retreating. Many women and their health care providers incorrectly diagnose chronic yeast based on symptoms or the and what they see (or think they see) under the microscope. A mycology culture is the gold standard. You don’t want to use any treatment repeatedly for a problem that you may not have.

Again, read here for that information and more.

Here is another article about it.

I hope that’s helpful!  I know some people who use it, but it sort of seems to me like it’s a bit of a hassle.  However, if you’re hoping to avoid some of the traditional anti-fungals, I can see it working.  If you use gentian violet regularly, let me know what you think!  I’d love more information on it.

It’s finally here!! Click the image to view the very first issue of Flower Crown Magazine!
Interviews with petitsirena and shedoeshimfashion!
"I Will Fight You About Blue Ivy" by Shanice Brim (likethebrimofahat)
"Too Dark in the Summertime?" by Danielle Mertina (daniellemertina) with images by Ellen Havasy (safetytank)
A Street Harassment 101 by Michelle Emile (michinknows) with images by Leslie Boroczk (lb-lb-lb)
"Sexism, Double Standards, and Street Harassment: Why Hello isn’t just Hello." by Elizabeth Dunn (deepcotton57821) with an image by Emma Ra (emmatleena)
A Photographic tour of NYC by Meryl Castro 
Artwork by Kaylee Dolloff (condemnasian)
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My Circumcision Story

I’m a 19 year old who had a circumcision today - I’m writing a diary blog to help anyone worried about having it done/want to have an informed decision on whether or not to go for it! Please check out my first post, I’ll be updating it daily. 

http://circumcisionstory.tumblr.com/  <— Here’s the link :) 

RE: your recent post about trans parents

Trans woman Florencia Trinidad and her twins

Trans woman and argentinian celebrity Florencia Trinidad (best known as Flor de la V) with her twins.


I love LGBT+ families, We’re the cutest.

I found some resources for transgender families, but I wish there was just a tumblr where everyone sent in pictures







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Re: Multiple infections stories

When I have a urinary tract infection or a yeast infection, I stop having sex until it has cleared up because the infection can spread from myself to my partner. I also stop genital stimulation on myself so that I’m not further irritating anything and making it more difficult for my body to heal.

Urinary tract infection: There is a burnt wheat or spice smell (no one else seems to smell it though). Following that I get a lot of skin irritation. So, I drink a more water and take cranberry extract capsules and get extra rest. I also lay off of sugary foods. This helps clear things up pretty quickly.

Kidney infection: Sometimes UTI’s can travel up into the kidneys. But, I once had a kidney infection without noticing the other stuff. I found out about it when I rested my palm against my lower back where my kidney is. I yelped because it felt like I had been stung by a jelly fish! I went to the doc who put me on anti-biotics. I ate plain yogurt (low in sugar—10g or less is best, high in live cultures). I can’t remember anything else about it though.

Yeast infection: Sometimes I’m not sure if its going to be a UTI or a YI. It has the same symptoms for me, a stronger body odor (that nobody else can smell but me :P), and irritation. Sometimes, I get a little discharge that smells.  It is a little different from the UTI. I buy stuff in the store or get a pill from the doc. I cut out the sugary foods and more yogurt (see Kidney infection above.)

The yogurt with live cultures is really important. Anti-biotics kills everything, even the good stuff we need to keep the bacteria in our bodies healthy and in check. :P

If I have incorrect assumptions, please feel free to contact me if you would like to share credible sources that can provide me with better information on this topic. :)

Note to FYSE: Because this post contains information about sexual activity, please also tag it with #nsfw Many thanks!


I was wondering if you would mind sharing this fundraiser.

My best friend is ftm and in a bad home situation and tried to kill himself earlier today.  He’s in the hospital now but doesn’t have insurance, so he’s going to end up with a huge bill, which isn’t going to help anything.

I’m trying to raise money to help with the bill and  maybe get him out of his toxic and unsupportive home.

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