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Anon Submission: Coming out

I started coming out as gay ~3 years ago and it worked out relatively well for people who didn’t talk to me on a regular basis. They were fine with it and it ended there since most of the time, I didn’t see them again. I started having trouble when I came out at school, though. The only person who actually accepted it was my best friend. Soon after I started to be harassed by classmates, and though I have no proof I believe that the principal allowed it to happen because she was a conservative Christian. After that, the last time I ever tried to come out to anyone was to my mother, who told me I was confused and then proceeded to not talk to me for a week. After that I’ve been uncomfortable even considering telling anyone my sexual orientation for fear they might tell my mother or other family members

Submission: Coming Out Story

This is not a happy story, so if you’re sensitive to negativity, I want to warn you right now: it has happy moments, but it is not a happy story.

I first came out on the forums of Scarleteen. If you’re not aware, the forums are completely anonymous and giving your personal information is forbidden, but I needed to share in some small way that I was genderqueer. I had already mentioned a few times at school that I was pansexual, but at school that was not an uncommon thing. Genderqueer was a much bigger deal since I knew that I wasn’t comfortable with he/him pronouns anymore and I was sick of trying to pretend to be a man. 

I came out next at work and that was largely a positive experience. I wore a skirt, some makeup, and my confidant co-worker helped me paint my nails. My co-workers and supervisors were super awesome. One guy asked about my skirt and I told him I was coming out. He said, “that’s cool. I don’t think it matters so much who you love, just as long as you love someone”. Granted, he was confusing sexual orientation and gender identity, but his sentiment was in the right place. 

Later that night I posted pictures on tumblr and wrote some stuff about the experience. Most of my followers were very encouraging and all that. No problems, nothing. About a week later I get an e-mail informing me that I had to go to a meeting with staff worker of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (I was a student leader in the organization). As it turns out, those pictures and the story of the day I came out at work were the nail in my coffin (so to speak). A scheming little goody-two-shoe Christian had been gathering stuff from my blog to use as “evidence” in case against me.

Long short of it, I was kicked out leadership and basically told that unless I repented of my “lifestyle” I would not be welcome in leadership again. At that point I didn’t feel safe anymore with that group so I left and had to wander (spiritually) for a long time. I’m in a better place now, but it’s been a painful journey getting to where I am now and this story is what started it all.

I Might Get Cynical: Coming Out(s)

Someone submitted this blog post on coming out and this one on dysphoria: http://imightgetcynical.blogspot.com/2014/09/winter-child-autumn-soul.html

Submission: coming out story

my coming out story is a bit different, I think. I never really meant to come out to anyone because I didn’t particularly hide it. I talked mostly about boys that I liked but occasionally talked about girls. One day on a car ride home, I accidentally confirmed my bisexuality to my fiance’s parents and little brother. They were a bit surprised but didn’t mind at all. I confirmed it with my fiance a few days later and he said he’d always thought I was bi anyway because of what I talked about. I decided to tell my friends as well and they took it well. I’m surrounded by a great support system but I’m also a bit afraid of what strangers or new people will think if I tell them straight away…

I just want to use my freedom of speech to tell everyone about a low-key college that not many people know about. In college, rape happens quite frequently when the dean of a school lets students with gang murder charges, sexual assault, assault, and any type of criminal background go to this school with a 100% acceptance rate, New Mexico Highlands University.
When too many criminals are put in one school just because they are so desperate for any type of income and/or a good sports team, the students’ safety are in danger. That is why the college denies it and covers it up. Crime statistics here are thought to be false. Schools that are 4th tier aka low income, low graduation rate, low GPA average, high drop out rate, and highest STD rate are so desperate for money because nobody wants to go there after all the stuff put in the news about the school that they are willing to let ANYONE in, as I previously said NMHU has a 100% acceptance rate for these reasons.
I have had friends who have been raped and assaulted here and I have personally been assaulted. The dean showed no sympathy and did nothing about it. Many girls ended up dropping out of this school and their half-completed education went to waste because nothing is getting done about it. Help spread the word!!!
And this school has gotten sued for racial and sexual discrimination multiple times
This is awful. Please reblog to spread the word about a college that does illegal things to students who to to expose them for covering up crime - the more outrage there is, the more likely it is that something will be done about it.
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Submission: Agender approved: cups & implant

I am a nonbinary (specifically agender) university student who was assigned female at birth, and I have found extreme satisfaction using both a menstrual cup and the birth control arm implant.

I’d heard about the cups from webcomic OhJoySexToy (a delightfully informative and sex-positive comic you should all be reading) so I thought I’d try it out. Due to a scheduling error, the very first time I used it I was on the heaviest day of my period, going without underwear in white short-shorts while ROCK CLIMBING. Seriously. It worked flawlessly!

It saves you money you’d otherwise spend on pads and tampons, who want you to believe they are the only options available - don’t believe their lies! It saves waste. It doesn’t give you Toxic Shock Syndrome like tampons, which can literally kill you! You can wear it when you’re not on your period to keep your underwear free of discharge. When you are on your period, it applies constant pressure to your vaginal walls, which can actually ease cramps! It is so comfortable that sometimes I have to check whether or not I remembered to put it in.

Now birth control. Once I began a sexual relationship with a cis man, I started using “the pill,” but I’m a huge daydreamer/procrastinator, so I was always terrified and paranoid I had slipped up at some point, no matter how thorough I had been. As a result, he and I always used condoms.

Looking for a “passive” birth control method (one that wouldn’t need regular maintenance on my part) I settled on the Nexplanon silicon rod implant, and I couldn’t be happier with it. It makes my period come far less often. It makes my period significantly lighter and less uncomfortable. At three years, it’s long-term. My student insurance paid for everything. Most importantly, it’s so effective and passive that I literally don’t have to think about it!

I have been recommending these every single time the topic comes up, and the combo lets my body feel most in line with my genderlessness (reducing dysphoria). My ask/submit is open if you have any questions - nothing is out of line! Try them out!

Corrective Therapy for Asexuals from Medical Professionals

I have had contact with you a few times under my vaginismus/asexuality blog called vaginismusandsexuality. I am requesting stories from people concerning a subject and since this also ties into your blog subject I was wondering if I could get a signal boost from you.

I am wanting to write an informative blog post about how the asexuality intersects with the medical field, both from physiological and psychological fields, primarily in recommending ‘corrective therapy’ to people who ID as asexual or those who may fall under the spectrum. More details on what I am asking for is in the link. The post will be sharing stories on what other people have experienced and how to defend your asexuality to medical professionals who want to ‘treat’ you.

Since I went under this ‘corrective therapy’ for being asexual while still in denial about it, something I will elaborate on more in the big post, I am struggling to get more submissions from people who have experienced this.  I really wish that it is because no one else has experienced this, but I unfortunately know better.

I really hope you help me get the word out on this project of mine; this is really important to me. I don’t want another person to have to go through what I did.If you do post this I request all information concerning this to be sent to my vaginismusandsexuality blog, not my main account.

Thank you.

Planned Parenthood Process


Hey guys, I just found out that my nearest Planned Parenthood offers informed consent hormones. Does anyone have experience with the process? Blood work, follow up, then do they give you injections? Or do they prescribe you the hormones and you do your own injections? Do you have to keep going back? How often? If you have any info please shoot a message to my inbox at


Hi! My name is Billieanne and I’m a part of the blog team of I Will End Sexual Violence, a new editorial blog on Tumblr that came out of a social media campaign asking young people to commit to ending sexual violence in their communities.

We are looking for submissions from young people all over the world, telling their own stories of how sexual violence has impacted their lives. These stories can be a personal account, about an experience working in prevention or how the issue has affected their broader lives; we want a diversity of stories! Your submission doesn’t have to be a written post; it could also be an image, a short video, a drawing. Get creative!

We would love a submission from you or your followers! Here is everything you need to know about submitting:

Please send any questions you have here.

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