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Sex Positive and Body Positive educational place. Includes information about different relationships, genders, sexuality, sexual preferences, safety precautions and everything else that could pertain in the education of sex. Accepting of all walks of life.
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Submission: Trans Anthology About Inimacy and Sexuality

     I am looking to create and publish an anthology about the intersections of transness, intimacy, and bodies. The goal is to create a multifaceted framework through stories and community knowledge that can be a resource for trans people, as well as their sexual and/or romantic partners. Examples of navigating complex experiences of intimacy are an area that needs a stronger voice, as the predominant representation of sexuality is through a cisgender perspective. Trans people often lack the voices of shared experience they need to express and understand their own narrative of sexuality. If society is to ever take trans individuals seriously as people to form intimate relationships with, or if any trans person has ever felt a lack of guidance in developing new means of intimacy, then this kind of knowledge needs to be created and shared.

     Please submit a personal narrative, reflection/opinion, or dialogue/discussion.

     Some thematic suggestions for a submission are, though by no means limited to:

  • Language surrounding bodies, yours and others
  • Touch and sensation
  • Communication around needs
  • Social expectations
  • Sex and sex toys
  • Positive/Affirming experiences
  • Negative experiences
  • Major personal or shared breakthroughs, such as perspective or experience of intimacy

     Submissions should short, about 4-12 pages, though more or less is acceptable. People of all gender identities are encouraged to submit! I’m looking for a range of perspectives. Submissions will not be edited in their content, only their format. Please bear this in mind when you submit your piece.

     Email submissions by 09/01/2014 to anthsubmit@gmail.com

     Please include a little about yourself so that your writing can be contextualized, as well as how you would like to be credited, as each submission will feature the name of the author or else be listed as anonymous.

     I will be attempting to publish via Transgressive Press or Sotto Voce Press. Failing those, I will attempt other queer presses. Should I be unable to publish them in a traditional format, I will release the anthology for free via ebook on Amazon.  Sadly, not all of those who submit will make the final iteration of the anthology; however all contributors published will receive a free book or a link to the ebook. Any profits collected from this work will be put into a trans scholarship for students.

     A little about me: I am a non-binary Bay Area resident and on the cusp of finishing university. My future goals are to open a transitional housing non-profit for trans people and to be a sex educator, both of which I am actively working towards. In the spirit of education and trans activism, I am trying to put together this anthology. When I was going through my transition, examples of how to interact intimately with others and myself were hard to find. The information was out there, but buried or presented in an authoritative way sterilized of context. I struggled for over a year to find my own way, and only was able to after listening to others share their own experiences. I want to make a reference for people who are similarly struggling. I’ve wanted to contribute to the greater trans community in a meaningful way, something that wasn’t already happening. It occurred to me that many out there would benefit from such an anthology, so here I am attempting to make it real.

You can follow progress of the anthology and learn a little more about me at anthologyadventures.tumblr.com

So, I am starting 2 petitions against creepshots, I want them shut down. I literally just posted these, and I am trying to spread the word. I would love your help, and signature :)



I need 100,000 signatures by March 27th on the whitehouse one, and they will have to do something.


How to have sex with a micropenis

Since I get this question a lot, I tried to summarize my experience in this post. The link is NSFW.

Playing Around: An Introduction to Kink for the Curious

Hi there! I’ve recently produced a free ebook for those interested in getting into BDSM, entitled Playing Around: An Introduction to Kink for the Curious.

Playing Around is written from a queer feminist perspective, and includes advice on not only technique but on ethics, consent and safety.

The book is available here.

Weird Boobs and Little Wieners

A friend of mine showed me this article. It’s about being body-positive, and it’s really awesome.

FYSE: Warning it is hetero and cis normative.


I make various buttons for gender, sexuality, kink and romantic pride. I also make buttons featuring male, female, intersex and transgender genitalia, including those with piercings. Check it out at https://www.etsy.com/shop/RFPCreations  And check out my Tumblr at http://ftm-transscribed.tumblr.com/

Writing Our Desires: DIY Smut For Self Liberation
More photos and content: http://smalltimehooker.tumblr.com/post/75799558236/write-your-own-erotica-punx


On Love.

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