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On the topic of shaving

Finally decided to turn my links in my faq to an actual pubic hair removal post.

1. trim: trim as short as you can get it with scissors. You might need to get a relatively small and sharp pair so you don’t end up nicking yourself. I find actual hair cutting shears work best.

2. soak: in a bath preferably, but a nice warm shower can work too

3. Shaving cream: always use shaving cream, and a good amount of it. Preferably for sensitive skin, non scented, or specifically your pubic hair. It’s best not to use “cooling” cream. Don’t get it in your vulva as that can irritate it.

4. Invest in a really good razor: also, make sure it’s sharp and new. Preferably made specifically for pubic hair. Tip: get the “man” version as they work just as well and are less expensive.  Shave with the grain, meaning in the direction the hairs naturally go. Also, do not pass over any place more than once and rinse the blade often.  Rinse the blade often!

5. Put on lotion afterwards! Preferably for sensitive skin, non scented or for the pubic area. Also, make sure it doesn’t have alcohol in it. Again, don’t put inside vulva. Baby powder also helps. Some other suggestions are a low pressure hot shower and plain Vaseline (don’t get the Vaseline in your vulva).

There are a lot of products for pubic hair, ranging from shaving cream to razors to electric razors to hair dye! There’s also exfoliating creams and shaving oil you can try out. Mostly you have to experiment because what works for one person wont work for another. 

There are many different products you can try for hair removal, including waxing, hair removal creams, sugar waxing, and epilators. With waxing and creams ALWAYS do a spot test first to make sure there will be no bad reactions. As with shaving, don’t go over the same place twice. It’s okay for there to be some stubble. Sugar waxing for those who don’t know what it is, is a technique that uses sugar instead of wax. It just holds on to the hair and not the skin so a lot of people find it much more pleasant. An Epilator is a device that grasps hairs and pulls it out. It’s definitely easier than tweezing by hand and some people really like it.

The main thing is to not give up. Try different products and different techniques. If the process is painful and you can’t find anything that works for you look at why you do it and if the reason is good enough for putting yourself through that. 

Remember, only shave if you want to. Our society tends to put way too much emphasis on hairless bodies. The fact of the matter is, we are mammals and have body hair everywhere! Hair under the arms, around the areolas and breasts, on the stomach, on the pubic area, on the anus, on the arms and legs and feet, and on the face are normal. Society may not always think so, but it’s true. It’s fine to not remove your hair if you don’t want to. Anyone who cares about how much hair you have on you body and would pressure you into shaving when you don’t want to isn’t worth your time.

Pubic Hair Poll Results

How do you remove your pubic hair

I don’t 67 22%

scissors 142 46%

waxing 16 5%

razor 215 70%

electric trimmer 44 14%

sugar 5 2%

hair removal cream 19 6%

laser hair removal 1 0%

Other 7 2%

People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.
What Style do you keep your pubic hair in?

natural 116 38%

trimmed 175 57%

bikini line removed 76 25%

around the labia removed 57 19%

around the penis/testicles removed 8 3%

landing strip 33 11%

heart shape 8 3%

unique design 7 2%

dyed 3 1%

completely bare 120 39%

I change it up 109 36%

Other 5 2%

People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.
Why do you remove/trim your pubic hair?

I prefer the way it looks 169 56%

my partner prefers it 62 21%

it’s the social norm 50 17%

I don’t remove the pubic hair 43 14%

I prefer the way it feels 186 62%

Other 51 17%

People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.
How often do you remove/trim your hair?

daily 6 2%

every few days 67 23%

weekly 58 20%

every few weeks 74 25%

every month 23 8%

every few months 19 6%

every once in a while 60 20%

whenever I’m going to have sex 60 20%

Other 24 8%

People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.

For many of the other responses:

How do you remove pubic hair?



Why do you remove/trim pubic hair?


Remove dried discharge/period blood


For bathing suits

Under “No” for are you satisfied these where some of the most common answers:

Wish it was easier to get the hair around my labia

It grows back too fast

It’s a pain in the ass

No, razors leave ingrown hairs and razor bumps and hair removal cream is expensive

No, never taught how to and I’m at a lost cause

It’s too expensive

No, too many ingrown hairs.

No, wish it was easier

No, skin irritations

Pubic Hair Poll Results

Unfortunately because I can’t afford a premium subscription surveymonkey will only let me view the first 100 results of my pubic hair survey.

 This is especially horrible since I got 681 responses to that survey.

Here are the results that I could view:

30% said they trimmed their pubic hair

30% said they removed all their pubic hair

15% said they let it grow natural

9% had the bikini line removed

6% said they change their style

5% had the hair around the labia removed

1% had around the testicles/penis removed

1% had a unique design

The other responses included only shaving when sex was going to happen, trimming certain parts while either shaving or leaving natural other parts, and laser hair removal.

When polled about what they use to remove their hair:

54% said shaving

27% scissors

13% they don’t remove their hair

3% wax

1% removal cream

the people who answered other included an electric trimmer, laser hair removal, plucking, or using multiple products

New Survey! Pubic hair


OKAY this should work! Spread it around and answer it!

New Survey! Pubic hair

OKAY this should work! Spread it around and answer it!

To the person asking about pubic hair removal, I would suggest waxing! However, I'd also suggest you get it done by a legit and clean professional if you want more than less gone. I always shave, but recently decided to get it waxed as it'll last longer. I went ahead and got EVERYTHING removed. When it comes to the bikini line, you'd probably be fine at home. But I personally could NOT see myself doing anymore on my own. And the professionals have seen it all and make you feel comfortable! :)
also for the shaving anon- european wax center sells really good products to use on any area where hair's been removed. they prevent ingrowns and irritation. the lotion is especially soothing in the bikini/pubic area and it's safe to use down there
When I shave i get very red and itchy and get pimple like white heads all over but not on my lips just above it on i guess what you'd call a "fupa" ( i am a heavy set woman) is this normal? is there anything i can do to avoid this besides getting waxed ( assuming they won't appear if i get waxed)

This is really common and usually caused by skin irritation through shaving. In my FAQ I have a lot of tips for making shaving less irritating to your skin: http://fuckyeahsexeducation.tumblr.com/post/10792736460/sort-of-related-to-your-previous-ask-actually-what



You can try home waxes or hair removal kits. Try to find some made specifically for the bikini line and ALWAYS do a spot test to make sure you’re not allergic and follow the directions perfectly.

What would you recommend to use when shaving the labia? Would regular shaving cream or soap be okay?

Be very very careful when shaving the labia. Don’t get any inside the vulva, you know you’re in the vulva when it starts to sting. It’s sometimes better to trim the hairs that are on the inside and close to that very sensitive area.


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