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"Ohio bill would block domestic violence, cancer screening, HIV/AIDS funding for Planned Parenthood" (Plunderbund 2012)



“In addition to restricting the flow of federal ‘family planning’ funds, House Bill 487, sponsored by Representative Ron Amstutz and adopted without a recorded vote by members of the House Finance and Appropriations Committee, completely prohibits the distribution to Planned Parenthood of Ohio or any of its affiliates from any of the following federal programs:

  • Violence Against Women Act
  • Breast and Cervical Cancer Mortality Prevention Act
  • Infertility Prevention Project (US Dept of Health & Human Services)
  • Minority HIV/AIDS initiative funds (Centers for Disease Control)”

Really, Ohio? Are these people trying to get voted out of office?

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Cincinnati Considers Health Coverage For All Domestic Partners

Cincinnati city councilman Chris Seelbach  

The city of Cincinnati is proposing health benefits for domestic partners in both gay and straight relationships.

WKRC reports that the new measure would extend benefits to all domestic partners of unmarried city employees. Cincinnati elected a new city council last month, which included its first openly gay member, Chris Seelbach (pictured), who also proposed the amendment.

So far, only one member of the nine-person council, Charlie Winburn, is opposed, claiming a possible increase in city costs that could add to a $16 million budget shortfall.

Seelbach said the benefits would help Cincinnati compete for high-caliber employees, as well as establish an equality-minded reputation for the city.


Healthy Families Ohio is fighting against the Ohio personhood amendment.

Healthy Families Ohio is fighting against the Ohio “personhood” amendment.  Check out their web site, their twitter feed, or their facebook page for more info.


Ohio ‘Heartbeat’ Bill Will Force Doctors To Wait Until A Woman Is In Mortal Danger To Justify An Abortion

Dressed in the trappings of farcical arguments and absurd antics, Ohio’s “heartbeat” bill marches closer to becoming the most radical anti-abortion law in the nation. The bill bans abortions if a fetal heartbeat can be detected, which normally occurs around six or seven weeks into a pregnancy— or before many women even know they’re pregnant.

Now being considered in the Ohio Senate, the bill fails to include any exception for rape or incest victims or for the mental health of the mother. The bill only allows an abortion after a heartbeat is detected if the life of the mother is threatened. But, as doctors told lawmakers yesterday, this exception forces physicians to put women’s lives at risk to justify the abortion. Indeed, one doctor explained that he would’ve had to wait for a woman’s “iliac vessels to rupture” to ensure that the necessary abortion “was an imminent threat”:

Dr. Matthew Mingione, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist in Columbus, said one of his patients was devastated to learn her pregnancy was in the abdomen, not in the uterus. It was attached to a major blood vessel, creating a high risk that she could bleed to death.

“(She) had a safe abortion at 12 weeks with minimally invasive techniques, saving her life,” Mingione testified. “If House Bill 125 had been law, we would have had to wait for her iliac vessels to rupture before intervening in order to be sure that this was an imminent threat to (her) life.”

Cleveland obstetrician Dr. Lisa Perriera told Senate Republicans, “Lawmakers do not belong in the consultation room with me and my patients.” She added, “Banning abortion has never stopped abortion from happening. It has only made abortion unsafe or more difficult to obtain.”

[pregnant people, not just women]

[TW mention of rape] i submitted my testimony today in opposition of the heartbeat bill here in ohio. i rarely speak out about what has happened to me, but i need to fight for the rights of other women. we can’t let this go through.


My name is Mindy Radabaugh, and I am a 22 year old college student from Ottawa, Ohio. A few years ago, I was a believer that abortion was wrong.  I was always taught that abortion was something horrible.  I couldn’t imagine anyone who would be willing to make that decision.   I believed that if you weren’t responsible enough to have a child, you didn’t need to be engaging in sexual behavior. I believed all of that, until the day it happened to me.

I changed my mind on January 3, 2009, when I found out I was pregnant.  23 days earlier, on my 19th birthday, I became a victim of sexual assault. I had been on birth control since I was 12 to try and fix other reproductive problems, but since I moved to school and began supporting myself, I could no longer afford the $75/month to pay for my birth control. So, when I was assaulted, I was not protected against pregnancy.

On top of the many emotional problems I was facing after the assault, I was in a lot of physical pain. I had my suspicions so I took a test and it was positive. While I knew it was a possibility, the pregnancy was still a shock to me and I knew that carrying to term would not be an option for me at that point.  Due to the many reproductive health problems I faced, I was well aware of what I would face as an expectant mother.  I would be considered a “high risk” patient and have to go in for ultrasounds every other week.  Co-pays are expensive. I wouldn’t be able to afford it.  I would also need to be on special medications that would have totaled almost $100/month.

 The night I was assaulted was one of the scariest, most horrible nights of my life.  To have a child through something like that would be devastating for me.  As much as I would have loved that child, I would have never been able to give it the life that it deserved.  I would never be able to look at it and love it fully knowing how it was conceived. There would be too much pain.

After I found out about the pregnancy and before plans were made for my abortion, I had heavily considered suicide.  I was depressed.  I was scared.  I had no one I could tell.  I would have rather died than carry the child of my rapist.  I have never regretted my decision to have the abortion. I was comforted by the wonderful nurses at the clinic and saw a counselor there for several months after the procedure to help me cope.  It was one of the best medical experiences I have ever had.  I have never felt more compassion or kindness from a physician and their staff.  

Because of the abortion I was able to continue school.  I will be graduating in August from my university cum laude with a degree in visual communications.  I have a job and I pay taxes, actually making money for the country, not costing it money as I would have if I had become a mother at 19.

Instead of banning abortion, why not focus on education and prevention? Educate our young people about safer sex.  Encourage contraceptive use. Focus attention on protecting our women from rape and incest.

This bill is harmful to the health and well being of all women. I urge you to please consider women like me; women who need access to safe and legal abortion. 

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