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Something my Doula training has not yet covered.

What do you do when your client (and your friend) tells you that their baby’s heartbeat stopped and she had to have a D&C? 


NOT A JOKE: Photos from Personhood for Women
Also, check out National Advocates for Pregnant Women, org that stands up for the rights of women (often the ones with the least means), debunks bad science and challenges religious extremists influencing laws in courts.

Statistics on pregnancy hardships

Depending on region or country, only 40 to 70 percent of pregnancies result in a live birth. The remaining 30 to 60 percent of pregnancies end in induced or spontaneous abortion or stillbirth.

Poverty and inadequate access to health care are the major causes of problems related to pregnancy and childbirth.Worldwide, the lack of access to adequate medical care contributes to more than half a million pregnancy-related deaths among women and girls every year — that is, one death every minute.

More than 99 percent of pregnancy- and birth-related deaths take place in developing countries. Almost all of these deaths are preventable.

Every hour, approximately eight people die (and two hundred become
infertile) simply because safe abortion services are not available or accessible. These tragic outcomes are easily preventable.

Nearly half of all abortions are carried out in unsafe environments because of lack of legal abortion providers.


I’m going to be making some posts. Thoughts?



They’re going to discuss the various things about pregnancy in a more medical/scientific way because the body is amazing and it is seriously COOL to see everything it can do. Here is what I’m planning:

  • A post about embryology: the terms we use, fetal developmental stages, and gestational age
  • A post about how a body menstruates and what happens in the body that causes the menstrual cycle
  • A post about how a body senses it is pregnant and maintains that pregnancy
  • A post about thins that happen to the body during a pregnancy and the common complications or symptoms people have throughout a pregnancy
  • A post about common reasons why a spontaneous abortion would occur
  • How our bodies make sperm and eggs

Are there any other posts ya’ll would like me to write up about the body (it doesn’t just have to be about pregnancy)?



Are you going to go into detail on the process of fertilization? I’ve wanted to know more about that for a while.

Related to menstruation and how we produce eggs - do you know details about how hormonal birth control works beyond what Planned Parenthood and the like have on it? Like, what exactly do progesterone and estrogen do to regulate ovulation? It’s been a while since my one semester of biology…

Thanks, Rabble! It’s awesome having someone around who studies medicine.

TW: Miscarriage

Anon: so me and this guy are both sexually frustrated but we live far from each other and masterbation isnt quite working out for us cause its not the real thing should me and him suck it up and just have sex (i havent had sex in 4months because i got pregnant and had a miscarrige and i wasnt ready for that situation) also what condoms would you recommend?

FYSE: don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with. Many people don’t want to have sex after a miscarriage, and it’s a good idea not to rush yourself. It definitely is a personal decision. As far as condoms go, every penis is different so you kind of have to try different brands and sizes until you find what works.

TW: Miscarriage

Anon: i just turned 17 and a few months before i got pregnant( the condom broke) but i ended up having a miscarrige but ever since that had happened ive been terrified of having sex because i dont want an experience to happen like that again but im extremely sexually frustrated and masterbation isnt the same as the actual thing. if you know any ways to deal with this please let me know

FYSE: I am so sorry that this happened to you, I can understand not wanting it to happen again. You can do everything you can to protect yourself from getting pregnant (Using birth control especially the IUD or Implant with condoms, the withdrawl method, fertility awareness, as well as possibly spermicide/sponges/cervical cap/diaphragm). Talking to someone about it and your fears might help as well. A lot of people who have had miscarriages find therapy beneficial.

I've had the implant for 13 months, and normally I have regular periods but then they stopped for 6 weeks. Then I started again, but I've been on for 3 weeks. My pains are more abdominal pains than the regular period pains I had before, and the blood is thicker. Almost like a clot I guess. Anyway, I found out last night that my mum, and both of my aunties had this and were told they'd miscarried while on the implant. Is it possible that I have too? I'm 16 xx

It is possible. It also could just be messing with your period. Personally I’d talk to a doctor and maybe get on a different kind of birth control. The Implant is one of the most effective forms of birth control (as effective as sterilization) so it’s unlikely to get pregnant while on the implant but it is possible.



10 Things You Should Never Say to a Miscarriage Survivor

I don’t know how anyone could say these things to a grieving parent, but the comments tell me otherwise. Be kind and thoughtful to those who’ve lost a loved one.

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Rather than waste money trying to ban abortion, why not…


  1. Adopt a child.
  2. Fund contraception.
  3. Support free healthcare.
  4. Donate to charities that work to eradicate childhood diseases.
  5. Donate to Amnesty International, so they can get innocent people off Death Row. 
  6. Donate your time to working with the hungry / homeless.
  7. Knit blankets for *wanted* preemie babies.
  8. Support people who miscarry. They might actually need it.
  9. Fight domestic abuse with all your might. 
  10. Search for and work with any organisations that support troubled children.

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