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The worst anti-abortion bill in the nation



Remember those Michigan lawmakers who were silenced for saying the word “vagina”? The bill those women legislators wanted to discuss has passed the Michigan House and is now headed to the full Michigan Senate. If it passes and is signed into law, it will become virtually impossible to find a clinic in Michigan that can meet state regulations for performing abortions.

The bill is called HB-5711, and it would force women who have abortions to pay for the burial, cremation, or interment of any fetus 10-weeks or older, a first in the nation that would create unbearable costs for women, including those who have been raped. For fetuses at 20 weeks gestation, a death certificate must be obtained, subjecting the woman to potential public scrutiny at a time of private stress.

Additionally, any doctors who perform abortions would have to make costly and unnecessary renovations to their clinics — even if they only administer the morning-after pill. The dramatic effect of all this needless regulation is the closure of most Michigan health centers that provide abortions, and the remaining ones will be forced to charge much higher fees for services that one in three women will need some time in their life.

Tell Republican State Senators: HB-5711 will drive doctors out of Michigan and close family planning clinics. Say no to this bill and protect women’s access to the health care.

We have to stop this radical erosion of women’s access to healthcare masquerading as “reasonable restrictions.” The state Senate will consider this bill after it returns to session on August 15, and we need to show a determined opposition as soon as possible.

Under the bill, some physicians performing more than five abortions per month must carry $1 million in liability insurance. And it completely bans the best method for many rural women to access medication abortions through telemedicine practices. Michigan women are already suffering from too few obstetricians and gynecologists — especially in rural areas — and if HB-5711 gets passed and signed by the governor, some doctors will quit providing abortions, leave the state, or simply retire.

The committee that considered this bill in the Michigan House heard testimony from 10 people. Nine of them were against the bill, including a board-certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist. Just one person testified in favor of the bill: the head of an anti-abortion group. Despite this testimony, the committee passed the bill. And the fact that these requirements are directed only at clinics where abortions are performed, a procedure that is less invasive than many procedures done routinely in doctor’s offices, shows that this has nothing to do with women’s health or safety, and everything to do with politics.

It’s still possible that with enough pressure and publicity, we can slow or stop this extreme and dangerous bill from getting out of the Michigan Senate and onto the Governor’s desk for signature. But we have to act fast to build the necessary momentum before the legislature returns to session on August 15.

Tell your State Senator: Reject HB-5711 and stop the war on women’s access to reproductive health care in Michigan.

*this issue affects everyone, not just women.


If you in any way participated in the “Vagina” issue, you’d better be signing this damn petition, calling your representatives, and making just as big a fuss about the actual bill.

*not just women, not all women

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Some of you may be catching wind of a story about some state level Michigan Republicans huffing and puffing because a female representative said the word “vagina” on the floor of the House.
Ignore this story. It is a sideshow.
Instead, please turn your attention to this guy. His name is Bruce Rendon, and he is a state representative from a tiny little backwater town in northwest bumble-fuck Michigan with a population of less than 1000.
Bruce Rendon is not an evil man, just a simple one. He has an associates degree in how to draw a straight line. He’s in the construction business just like his daddy used to be, and his idea of a god-fearing good time is judging dairy cows at county fairs. That’s fine. The world needs men who pin prize ribbons on cattle, but those men should not be given the power to legislate complex bioethical issues, because that’s how wars on women get started.
You see, this pointy-headed numnard recently introduced House Bill 5711, a ham-fisted piece of legislation that’s being called the nation’s worst anti-abortion bill. All the ridiculousness on the floor of the Michigan House is a direct result of this ignorant piece of draconian drivel.
It’s unsophisticated men like Bruce Rendon who in their righteousness are fucking things up for the rest of us, and though he may not be an evil man, that doesn’t make him any less an enemy, and I personally believe it’s always a good thing to know your enemy’s name.
Go fuck yourself, Bruce Rendon.

Hear hear!

5 Reasons Michigan's Anti-Abortion Bill is the Nation's Worst


Michigan’s House has passed HB 5711, a massive bill placing multiple restrictions on abortion providers, amid days of protests by activist groups and Democrat representatives.

1) Bans Abortions After 20 Weeks, Even For Rape And Incest Victims: A woman would not be able to have an abortion after 20 weeks of gestation based on the widely disputed idea that a fetus can feel pain after that point. The only exception would be if a woman’s life was in danger.

2) Transforms Doctors Into Detectives: The Republican-backed legislation would make it a crime for anyone to coerce a woman into having an abortion. Doctors will have to give their patients a questionnaire to inform them of the illegality of coercion and determine if the woman had been coerced or is the victim of domestic abuse before the abortion procedure.

3) Limits Access For Rural Women: Under the omnibus bill, doctors would have to be physically present to perform a medical abortion, thus preventing a doctor from administering abortion-inducing medication by consulting via telephone or internet. This would especially hurt rural women, who may have to travel hours to meet in-person with a specialist.

4) Requires Doctors To Purchase Costly Malpractice Insurance: If HB 5711 goes into effect, then doctors would be required to carry $1 million in liability insurance if they perform five or more abortions each month or have been subject to two more more civil suits in the past seven years, among other requirements. But the qualifications are so vague that almost all doctors who perform abortions could be required to carry the additional liability insurance at a potential cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

5) Regulates Clinics Out Of Existence: HB 5711 would create new regulations so that any clinic that provides six or more abortions in a month or one which advertises abortion services would have to be licensed as a “freestanding surgical outpatient facility.” That means that even if a clinic does not offer surgical abortions, it would be required to have a full surgical suite.

Now that the state House has passed the largest of the three bills, it will likely approve the two companion measures as well. Even though lawmakers rushed the bill through the House, the state Senate is not expected to vote on the measure until September. The body is composed of 26 Republicans and 12 Democrats.

This bill will limit or eliminate abortion access for everyone who can get pregnant, not just cis women. There is still time before the Senate votes on this bill in September, so please start contacting your representatives, organizing protests, and spreading information about this awful bill.

Michigan Republicans are attempting to ram through an anti-choice bill packed full of regulations, which is both restrictive and invasive. The legislation is being pushed through at breakneck speed and it’s deemed the most extreme bill in the country — until 500 supporters of women’s reproductive health care swarmed the Michigan capitol in Lansing to protest - the bill is now tabled thanks to their activism.



When asked about the purpose of the legislation, co-sponsor State Rep. Mike Shirkey said:“Until we completely eliminate abortions in Michigan and completely defund Planned Parenthood, we have work to do.” So, none of the regulations now implemented in the anti-choice bill had anything to do with women’s health concerns — just their religiosity.

- read more at the link

What? Really? Conservative politicians don’t actually care about our health? Never!

Seriously, though, the turnout at the Capitol looked amazing. We’ve managed to delay the vote by at least a day. Keep fighting!





Planned Parenthood is holding a protest against House bills 5711-15713 in front of the capital starting at 1 pm. 


This is the worst anti-choice bill in the country. Stand up for Michigan women! stand up for choice! 


I made this at one am last night and forgot to include that the protest is TUESDAY June, 12th

Tuesday June 12th at 1 pm in front of the capital in Lansing

Facebook event here

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"Higher education is not a luxury. It’s an economic imperative that every family in America should be able to afford."
— President Obama speaking in Michigan today about his plans to make college more affordable (via barackobama)

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ACLU challenges discriminatory health insurance law

A new law in Michigan prevents many public agencies from giving their employees’ domestic partners health insurance, and the ACLU is stepping in to stop it. Four public employees, their domestic partners, and the ACLU are teaming up in a federal lawsuit. 

Officials from the ACLU of Michigan suspect the measure does not have any financial benefits, but exists purely to keep LGBT families on a different level from heterosexual families. Based on the new law, domestic partners would lose health insurance and the state would lose revenue from the taxes they previously paid on their health insurance.

ACLU staff attorney Amanda C. Goad said the law is especially harsh during an economic downturn, when the state should be helping families save money. 

"It’s unconstitutional for the state of Michigan to deprive a small number of workers the means to take care of their loved ones when other similarly situated workers do have access to family coverage," she said in a statement Thursday.

We’ll see how this turns out. Props to the ACLU for stepping in to right a serious wrong. 


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"Fetal Remains" Bill Pleases Anti-Choice, Traumatizes Women Who Miscarry


When Michigan anti-choicers claimed they found “fetal remains” in a dumpster at an abortion clinic, state Republicans quickly stepped up to push a bill legislating how products of conception could be discarded.

In the end, it turns out that there was no proof of mishandled remains.  But a law was proposed regardless, and because of it, one of the first questions that may be asked of a woman who just miscarried or had a still birth is likely to be “what do you want to do with the fetus?”

Via the Detroit News:

“I think some women will be devastated,” says Joanne Mulhere, who counsels women undergoing loss of pregnancies at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, where about 175 women lose pregnancies through miscarriage or stillbirth annually.

Patients would be handed Kleenex, as well as a form to sign, requesting the remains be cremated, buried or interred.

They’ll be forced to make a potentially emotional choice that will, for some women, redefine how they think and feel.

It’s a “choice” that effectively reframes the way women are supposed to think about early pregnancy, imposing new opportunities for grief where none might have existed.

Unfortunately, Michigan legislators have crafted a bill that’s more sensitive to the needs of tissue that fits in a tablespoon than to grown women who, at vulnerable moments, will face a new form to sign, an unsought, disturbing decision to make.

Yet another thoughtless bill with unintended consequences that will hurt more women.

as always, change “women” to “people” in your minds.

Abortion Funds by State





District Of Columbia


Distrito Federal (Mexico City)













North Dakota


New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico


New York






Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota







West Virginia


My state is not on this list :( My state is horrible. For everyone whose state is NOT horrible, I hope this helps you.

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