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The Benefits of Masturbation


  • It’s 100% safe sex. 

  • You can totally avoid pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. 

  • It helps to keep vaginas lubricated and can build a resistance to yeast infections. 

  • It’s a super form of stress reduction and it relieves sexual tension. 

  • It’s a means of endorphin release – it can make you smile! 

  • It can help with premenstrual tension and other physical conditions, like cramps, that are associated with menstrual cycles. 

  • It leads to relaxed sleeping conditions. 

  • It builds stronger pelvic muscles. 

  • It builds resistance to prostate gland infection. 

  • It’s an excellent cardiovascular workout. 

  • It increases your sexual awareness. 

  • It can be done when no partner is available. 

  • It’s the exploration of various kinds of self-stimulation, especially the sensations and pleasures that are maximally satisfying for you. 

  • It’s empowering! 

  • It allows you to participate in sex more frequently than you can with a partner. 

  • It helps you to think more positively about your genitalia. 

  • It can enhance your sex life. 

  • You have longer periods of arousal and near-orgasm than you would with a partner. 

  • It can provide more intense orgasms than partner sex. 

  • It can help make you a better lover. When you know how to stimulate yourself, then you can show your partner how to do it… and do it well. 

If you don’t like masturbating that’s fine, but there is absolutely no reason to judge others for masturbating.

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Body Safe Earth-Friendly Toy Materials Spotlight: Glass


Is it Safe to Use my Sex Toy When I’m Pregnant?


Is it Safe to Use my Sex Toy When I’m Pregnant?


Pregnancy can be a wonderful but confusing time for your body. So many things are off limits for the health of you and your baby, how do you know what’s OK and not? We get this question all the time and figured it was time to address it for our followers who are expecting.


In fact, it can be very important to use sex toys during pregnancy. Many women have trouble achieving orgasms while they’re…

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Give me inspiration for my “how to choose a sex toy” post and “how to use certain sex toys post”. People who buy sex toys, what qualities do you look for? What helps you decide what toys to use? What would help a beginner? Beginner, what questions do you have heading into the world of sex toys? What questions do you have about using sex toys? What toys do you wish came with better instructions? Anything I left out?

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Can I get the experienced guide please?

You mean the experienced guide to masturbation? That’s a good point, I never really wrote one! What do my followers think would count as experienced masturbation. My thought process would be that with experience you try more things; different speeds, different pressures, different movements, different positions, and different toys. What more information do I need to have about masturbation besides whats in my FAQ so far?

Masturbation and Sex Toys


Q: How do I masturbate?

A: My Masturbation Guide

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Here is the list of masturbation and sex myths and facts the OWL curriculum mentions. What are some that are missing.

  • most DFABs masturbate by inserting something into their vagina (M)
  • DFABS are more likely to orgasm through clitoral stimulation than vaginal (F)
  • Sexual fantasies are always things we want to do (M)
  • if a person masturbates a lot as a teen they won’t enjoy sex (M)
  • DMAB boys who masturbate together show early signs of being gay (M)
  • if a member of a couple masturbates something wrong with their relationship (M)
  • If a DMAB person gets an erection they need to orgasm or it will be painful (Myth and partial fact)
  • a lesbian is attracted to anyone who is a woman and a gay man is attracted to anyone who is a man (M)
  • A man is always ready to have sex (M)
  • Once a man gets turned on he can’t stop (M)

Some I can think of include

  • If you masturbate your genitals will get bigger
  • if you masturbate it’ll get harder to orgasm
  • masturbating analy makes you gay
  • everyone likes to masturbate
  • women don’t enjoy sex
  • masturbation is morally wrong.

Any others we can think of?

Conversation Topic:

what are some myths about masturbation teens need busted?

What do teens need to know about masturbation?

Can the Gamification of Female Masturbation Remove Its Social Stigma?

I was wondering what your thoughts on this were?

FYSE: I think the animation is cute, and it is a cute idea. I’m a huge supporter of video games being used more often as a teaching tool, I think it’d be really great to have a game where you can choose certain safer sex methods and with probabilities see if your character becomes pregnant or gets an STI and it’d show you how to go to the doctor and get tested or get a pelvic exam and all that so I definitely like the idea of making a game out of masturbation as well.

Of course this is incredibly cissexist using feminine pronouns and calling it female masturbation. I definitely think we can use media to reduce stigma, even just talking about it in tv shows or in music would help. 

I guess I’d have to play the game or see more about it to actually do a critique.

Masturbation, Relationships, and Sex: A Guide for Trans and Gender Variant People

Sex, relationships, and masturbation can be tricky when you’re Trans. You have to deal with social stigma as well as your own dysphoria. Gender dysphoria is the feeling that your body isn’t quite right. For trans people this usually involves the genitals and chest, but it can also involve body hair, voice, facial features, weight distribution, and many other parts of the body. This can make it difficult to even be naked, let alone touching your body or having it be touched. There’s also the constant fear of rejection or even violence which is why many trans people are hesitant to start up relationships or approach someone for sex. In this article we’ll discuss some tips on how to deal with each of these issues.

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