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Give me inspiration for my “how to choose a sex toy” post and “how to use certain sex toys post”. People who buy sex toys, what qualities do you look for? What helps you decide what toys to use? What would help a beginner? Beginner, what questions do you have heading into the world of sex toys? What questions do you have about using sex toys? What toys do you wish came with better instructions? Anything I left out?

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Can I get the experienced guide please?

You mean the experienced guide to masturbation? That’s a good point, I never really wrote one! What do my followers think would count as experienced masturbation. My thought process would be that with experience you try more things; different speeds, different pressures, different movements, different positions, and different toys. What more information do I need to have about masturbation besides whats in my FAQ so far?

Masturbation and Sex Toys


Q: How do I masturbate?

A: My Masturbation Guide

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Here is the list of masturbation and sex myths and facts the OWL curriculum mentions. What are some that are missing.

  • most DFABs masturbate by inserting something into their vagina (M)
  • DFABS are more likely to orgasm through clitoral stimulation than vaginal (F)
  • Sexual fantasies are always things we want to do (M)
  • if a person masturbates a lot as a teen they won’t enjoy sex (M)
  • DMAB boys who masturbate together show early signs of being gay (M)
  • if a member of a couple masturbates something wrong with their relationship (M)
  • If a DMAB person gets an erection they need to orgasm or it will be painful (Myth and partial fact)
  • a lesbian is attracted to anyone who is a woman and a gay man is attracted to anyone who is a man (M)
  • A man is always ready to have sex (M)
  • Once a man gets turned on he can’t stop (M)

Some I can think of include

  • If you masturbate your genitals will get bigger
  • if you masturbate it’ll get harder to orgasm
  • masturbating analy makes you gay
  • everyone likes to masturbate
  • women don’t enjoy sex
  • masturbation is morally wrong.

Any others we can think of?

Conversation Topic:

what are some myths about masturbation teens need busted?

What do teens need to know about masturbation?

Can the Gamification of Female Masturbation Remove Its Social Stigma?

I was wondering what your thoughts on this were?

FYSE: I think the animation is cute, and it is a cute idea. I’m a huge supporter of video games being used more often as a teaching tool, I think it’d be really great to have a game where you can choose certain safer sex methods and with probabilities see if your character becomes pregnant or gets an STI and it’d show you how to go to the doctor and get tested or get a pelvic exam and all that so I definitely like the idea of making a game out of masturbation as well.

Of course this is incredibly cissexist using feminine pronouns and calling it female masturbation. I definitely think we can use media to reduce stigma, even just talking about it in tv shows or in music would help. 

I guess I’d have to play the game or see more about it to actually do a critique.

Masturbation, Relationships, and Sex: A Guide for Trans and Gender Variant People

Sex, relationships, and masturbation can be tricky when you’re Trans. You have to deal with social stigma as well as your own dysphoria. Gender dysphoria is the feeling that your body isn’t quite right. For trans people this usually involves the genitals and chest, but it can also involve body hair, voice, facial features, weight distribution, and many other parts of the body. This can make it difficult to even be naked, let alone touching your body or having it be touched. There’s also the constant fear of rejection or even violence which is why many trans people are hesitant to start up relationships or approach someone for sex. In this article we’ll discuss some tips on how to deal with each of these issues.

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Of course it looks like everyone’s going to want the most difficult article, Trans* Sex.


This is supposed to be about talking about dysphoria and how to deal with dysphoria during masturbation and sexual conduct and different toys you can use to help.

I do know of what works for me, but I want other trans* people to tell me what works for them.

I know of a few popular techniques like the DFAB masturbation sleeve, curling the “penis” up so that it’s more like fingering, muffing, my own technique of treating a phallic vibrator like a penis during masturbation, and of course using strap ons, double dildos, and referring to your parts by the right gendered language but does anyone have any other useful tips?

Now that I’ve finished my Sex Aids post I’m going to get started on my post on how to introduce sex toys to your partner and use them during partnered sexual play.

If anyone has any questions or things they want to be sure I include let me know 

So far I have

  • how to bring up the subject of sex toys and talk about them
  • how to address any fears or insecurities about using sex toys that your partner may have
  • how sex will be made better with the use of sex toys
  • how to use certain sex toys during partnered sexual play

Also remember I’m working on a post on trans* sexuality so if anyone wants to chime in on tips during masturbation or sex, different products they use, and how to deal with dysphoria and your sexuality let me know.

I’m also still working on my video on orientations so if anyone has any questions or comments before I finish it let me know.

Masturbation and Sex Toys


Q: How do I masturbate?

A: My Masturbation Guide

Q: Can masturbation cause you to become numb during sex?

A: Generally speaking no. In fact for some people masturbating using a vibrator especially state that they’re more sensitive over time. However, if you use the same technique (especially if it has a lot of force to it) over and over you can become trained to that technique. It’s better to use different techniques, positions, hardness, speed, and toys so that your body doesn’t become too used to one thing. I discuss different masturbation techniques in my post, Beginner’s Guide to Masturbation. I also talk about how to increase genital sensitivity here.

Q: Is there anything wrong with masturbating a lot?

A: The only time when masturbation is a problem is if it keeps you from doing things you need to do and you masturbate even when you don’t want to, at which point it is an addiction. Some people become sore after a lot of masturbation, sometimes using a bit of water based lube can help, but otherwise just know your limits. Masturbating a lot in no way decreases your sensitivity or makes your vagina “loose”. Especially when you’re a teen or young adult you may find yourself masturbating frequently, maybe multiple times a day. That’s healthy and isn’t something you have to worry about. Everyone is different, some people don’t masturbate at all, some people masturbate once a month, some people masturbate once a week, some people masturbate daily, some people masturbate multiple times a day. Depending on your age and hormones the rate may go up for a while then down for a while and back up for a while. Don’t worry too much about it unless it severely affects your life.

Q: I’m under age. How do I get a vibrator?

A: Usually the easiest way to get a vibrator when you’re underage/don’t have your own money source is buying something random that vibrates and using that. Just make sure to keep it clean and cover it either with a condom or non microwavable saran wrap. You can also use a shower head directed at your clitoris (not your vagina, since that can be unhealthy). There is a mini vibrator trojan makes that I’ve heard is good and inexpensive and easy to find in drug stores, so if you have any money you could get that. If you have more money and either a bank account with a debit card or get a pre paid credit card online you can buy toys online which arrive in regular boxes with no indication that sex toys are inside. Some sex stores don’t card, so you could try to sneak in and buy one there as well. For more advice see this post.

Q: Is it safe to masturbate with this random phallic or vibrating object?

A: As long as any object you insert doesn’t have any sharp edges, and you keep it clean and use a barrier like a condom or non-microwavable saran wrap you should be fine. Always be careful with anything you insert, be sure to not be too rough especially with objects that have no give. If it starts to hurt, stop. For more advice see this post.

Q: How do you masturbate without touching yourself?

A: by rubbing your genitals on something or masturbating over a layer or so of clothing.

For “vaginas”

you can either scoot back and forth on a flat surface like a chair with your legs spread and labia against the surface, or you can put a pillow between your legs while lying down on your side or stomach, rubbing your thighs together and grinding your crotch against the pillow. Also, some people can masturbate rubbing their vulva against a bed while lying on their stomach but that angle is difficult for some people to achieve. It helps if you use the back of your hand or a pillow.

For “penises”

You can rub your genitalia against a bed or in between a couple of pillows,cushions or blanket.

Q: I’m new to sex toys, how do I choose what to buy and how do I take care of them?

A: Here’s what to look for when buying a vibrator, Here’s what to look for when buying a toy to make sure that it’s safeHere’s how to clean your toy, Silicone is really the safest and best material, and here’s why, if it’s dildos you’re looking for here’s a good guide.

Sex toy health and care post coming soon

What to look for in a toy post coming soon

Q: I want to get a sex toy and have no clue where to begin. Help?

A: Sex toy beginners guide

Clitoral vibrators

BDSM and Kink Toys

Insertable Sex Toys (coming soon)

Masturbator Toys (coming soon)

How to use certain sex toys (coming soon) 

Q: What kind of lube should I use?

A: All about Lube

Q: How do I do gender play?

A: Gender Play Toys

Q: I’m disabled, are there any aids or toys that can make sex easier?

A: Yes there are (post coming soon)

More editing of FAQ categories! If you have any questions or comments on posts that are in the works or anything that should be added to this section let me know!

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