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What can I use to masturbate with instead of a vibrator?


Want a vibrator? But don’t want, y’know, a vibrator?

Here are some other things you could try… some will probably be more powerful than others! if you’ve tried ‘em before, tell me if they worked or not! Leave a reply or get in my ask

1) The humble back massager

2) An electric toothbrush. Sometimes you can take the head off to reveal just a vibrating metal strip. Otherwise, you probably wanna use the back not the bristles!

3) Because when I think of shaving, I definitely want a razor that vibrates? Anyway, you can take the razory bit off to reveal the vibrating tip.

4) Oh look, a vibrator you can clean your face with! Thanks Neutrogena.

5) At a Walgreens or whatever? They have these hidden among the condoms…

6) And even these…

7) Or you could even try taking yourself for a spin cycle…

8) Or get a buzz out of those toy pens…

OK, that’s about everything I could think of! Have fun experimenting ;)

Just make sure that whatever you use is clean and if it’s not an authentic vibrator you either put a condom on it or use non microwavable saran wrap. It’s not ideal but it will make it safer.

Masturbation: 5 Things You Didn’t Know


1. There’s no such thing as “abnormal” masturbation.

Men People often wonder if there’s something abnormal about the way they masturbate. But experts are loath to offer specific definitions of “normal” and “abnormal,” pointing out that men people show great variations in both frequency and technique. “We humans are too diverse to establish a norm,” says Betty Dodson, PhD, a New York City-based sexologist and the author of Sex for One. Every man masturbates in his own way, says Martha Cornog, the author of The Big Book of Masturbation, whether he “uses his hands, rubs against something, uses a sex toy or household object, wears special clothing, fantasizes, looks at a book or magazine, tries different positions, or looks in a mirror.” 

2. Masturbation is very safe — but not entirely safe.

Unlike sex with a partner, masturbation can’t give you a sexually transmitted disease. Nor will it subject you to the muscle strains, pokes in the eye, and awkward moments that can come with partner sex. But masturbation safety isn’t guaranteed. “Masturbation is just about the safest sex there is,” says Cornog. “But the laws of physics and biology don’t stop operating just because someone is masturbating.”

Frequent or overly vigorous masturbation can irritate the skin of the penis, (and the vagina) as the average guy person knows all too well. Less well known is that habitually masturbating face down — for example, by thrusting against a sheet, pillow, or even a carpeted floor — can injure the urethra in such a way that urine exits the penis not in a stream but in a hard-to-control spray. Barbara Bartlik, MD, a psychiatrist and sex therapist in New York City, says she’s seen facedown masturbators with urethral trauma so severe that they are no longer able to use a urinal and must urinate while seated.

In certain extremely rare instances, masturbation and partner sex alike can cause penile fracture. This painful condition — actually a tear in the tunica albuginea, the whitish tissue surrounding the penis’s spongy layers — occurs when an erect penis strikes a hard object or is forced downward. A medical emergency, it often necessitates surgery.

(also, masturbation can up your chances of yeast infection or UTI especially if you are already prone to them. Always urinate after masturbation)

3. Solo sex can supercharge your sex life — or scuttle it.

For various reasons, solo sex can be a real boon to sex with a partner. It helps teach men people about their own sexual response — what feels good to them and what doesn’t — so they will be better able to explain to their partners just how they like to be touched. It helps men people learn to recognize the “moment of inevitability” just before orgasm and helps teach them how to avoid premature ejaculation. Perhaps most significant, it’s a great coping mechanism for any man person whose partner is temporarily unavailable for sex — because of absence or illness — or has a sex drive that doesn’t quite match his own (something sex therapists call a disparity in frequency preference).

Of course, some men people become so obsessed with solo sex that they begin to lose interest in having sex with their partner. The resulting hurt feelings and alienation a partner feels can make it hard to sustain the relationship. But experts are quick to point out that masturbation is perfectly OK even for men people in a committed relationship. “We cannot assume that just because a man masturbates that there is a problem with his primary relationship,” says Bartlik.

4. Certain forms of masturbation can lead to sexual dysfunction.

Experts warn that men people who frequently stimulate themselves in ways that don’t simulate sex with a partner — for example, stroking very rapidly or with great pressure or friction — can develop retarded ejaculation. That’s a type of sexual dysfunction in which it is difficult or even impossible to climax during partnered sex. “Any man experiencing any sexual dysfunction should ask himself if he’s masturbating in ways that produce sensations that differ from those he gets from his partner’s hand, mouth, or vagina,” says Michael A. Perelman, PhD, clinical associate professor of psychiatry, reproductive medicine, and urology at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City and the president of the Society for Sex Therapy and Research “Then he should consider what he could say to her to make the stimulation more similar — and how he could change the way he masturbates to make it feel more similar to what his partner does.”

5. Masturbation may affect the risk for prostate cancer.

The relationship between masturbation and prostate cancer is a bit hazy.

A 2003 Australian study published in BJU International linked frequent ejaculation early in life with reduced risk for prostate cancer later on. But in a 2004 study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association, a researcher reported that “ejaculation frequency is not related to increased risk of prostate cancer.” In both these studies, ejaculation frequency included sexual intercourse and masturbation.

In a later study published in BJU International, researchers found that frequent masturbation in young men raised the risk for prostate cancer but that frequent masturbation in older men individuals lowered the risk. Sexual intercourse did not affect prostate cancer risk.

The researchers theorize that it may not be the masturbation itself which is increasing risk of prostate cancer in men people who masturbate frequently in their 20s and 30s. Men who masturbate more may do so because they have high levels of male sex hormones — and young men people genetically predisposed to have hormone-sensitive prostate cancer will be at higher risk if they have more male hormones. In men those over age 50, the researchers theorize, frequent masturbation helps drain the prostate of fluids that may contain cancer-causing substances.

Please note: Not every woman has a vagina and not every man has a penis.

I’m really not quite sure why this is directed solely towards those with penises. Especially the first few problems I’ve had a lot of questions about specifically from those with vaginas. I understand that the research mainly focused on cis men but still, a lot of FAAB individuals need information about masturbation as well.

(via holisticsexualhealth)

With Love, from a Chronic Masturbator - How To Masturbate


It is the simplest form of making love without the complications and cuddling. Masturbation could be considered the oldest form of worship known to man. Since 1995, the month of May has been known as National Masturbation Month; commenced by the Good Vibrations retail store in San Francisco. The National Masturbation Month was created to encourage the acceptance of sexual taboos within society. This article would have been written sooner, if we were not so busy celebrating the month-long holiday.

We at FYSH are firm advocates that everyday should be devoted to loving your body. With May 1st kicking off the National Masturbation Month, we hope that you found a discrete location and allowed your hands to freely explore the godly qualities of your own flesh. Unfortunately, masturbation is not a topic generally shared with the passing of rice around the Monday night dinner table. At a young age, we are told that touching ourselves is bad and that our naughty actions will have harsh, painful consequences (it hurts so good). With this in mind, we brainstormed some helpful suggestions for first timers to keep in mind as you embark on your journey into the sweet center of yourself.

Before basting the turkey, it is important to consider both your environment and the amount of “alone time” available. Are you alone? Perhaps it is late at night or you are alone in the shower? Whatever it may be, shut off the damn phone (or set in on vibrate) and take full advantage of this time. For first timers, the ideal environment should be discrete with available noise (such as in the shower or your bedroom with background music). This writer prefers the privacy and freedom of a warm shower. The blast from the water stream works wonders to cover up any moving around or faint noises that may be freed. Do not fight moans! Enjoy them and feel the impulses travel throughout your body. 

Now that you are ready to begin digging for treasures, find a comfortable position—for instance, lay down on your back or get on your fours as if doggie style. For your first time, it is better to allow yourself to lie back and play it out like a conquistador. During your explorations, it is important to take it slow and become lost in your caresses. If you have a vivid imagination, use it! Think of an intimate fantasy and touch yourself accordingly.

Imagine: It’s a hot summer day. He finds you drinking lemonade in the kitchen, only wearing a black-laced bra and shorts. The sweat drips down your chest and slides down the crevices of your cleavage. He admires your breast by revealing them and softly rubbing your nipples. Seizing your erect nipples with his lips as he kisses and sucks; he clutches you closer in a passionate kiss and you can feel his throbbing member inside his jeans. You reach to free his cock…

It’s getting steamy up in here. Now you take it from here! Think about what actions would turn you on. Your biggest sexual organ is your brain. So use it! Don’t worry about the outcome; it will be our little secret.

When masturbating, remember to be easy on your clit. The clit has twice the nerve fibers than the penis. Lubricant will help and allow your finger to comfortably slide across your exposed clit. If you find that your clit becomes numb, this may be due to too much stimulation. This is nothing to worry, just allow your genitals some R&R and try being gentle the next time. Just keep in mind, like everything in life, practice makes perfect. We do not recommend rubbing yourself with the prickly surface of a pineapple or a toothbrush, but masturbation is based on trial and error. Explore your body and learn what works for you. Just be nice to your body and have fun with yourself!