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Mills College Changes Gender Policy


Transwomen will now be admitted, making them unique among the nation’s 114 single-sex colleges. As Mills’ president told KTVU, “We were the first women’s college west of the Rockies. We were the first women’s college to have a computer science program. This is just another in many firsts.”

Great move by Mills. Here’s another take on the story from SF Gate.

Non FYSE related post

I’m in charge of two of the Religious Education hours at our church during the PRIDE month of June, one to do jewelry and headbands, and the other to do community mural painting. I figured I could print out all the different PRIDE flags and do friendship type bracelets/necklaces out of those colors and we could talk about PRIDE and inclusiveness and such.

Anyone have any good bracelet/necklace patterns that would work for the different color combinations? A lot of them are three colors (Bi, Pan, Poly, and Genderqueer) but I’d need one that would work for four colors (Ace, Aromantic) and figure out a way to do the ones where placement makes a difference like intersex and trans. 

Also does anyone know of any good definitive lists of the different PRIDE flags? I know that some are still being developed and that new ideas have been offered. I can show the different evolution of flags. Also, I need a good one for the rainbow.

Any input or help anyone can offer? 

Ran across another term for LGBT/QUILTBAG/GSRM! 

Introducing: MOGII, Marginalized Orientations, Gender Identity, and Intersex.

Anyone heard of this one? Thoughts?

Sorry about all of the off topic post today but I have a project and I could use some input


Name all the music videos featuring the topic of LGBT+ rights or acceptance or anything within that subject that you can think of

Not counting 

  • Macklemore’s same love
  • anything by Lady Gaga
  • Pink’s Raise your Glass

Thank you for the help!

National suicide prevention strategy includes LGBT focus


As National Suicide Prevention Week continues, the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention yesterday released its 2012 National Strategy for Suicide Prevention. 

The strategy points out groups that may be at a higher risk for suicide, namely people with mental and substance abuse disorders, those in justice or child welfare settings, and LGBT people. While the strategy outlines key ways to prevent suicide, like ending bullying and discriminatory laws and increasing access to mental health care, the most important part of it might be the explanation of the link between being LGBT and suicide:

The strategy attributes the prevalence of suicide in the LGBT community to “minority stress” stemming from cultural stigma as well as “institutional discrimination” that comes from laws that deny benefits and protections for LGBT people that are provided to others.

“These negative outcomes, rather than minority sexual orientation or gender identity per se, appear to be the key risk factors for LGBT suicidal ideation and behavior,” the strategy states. “An additional risk factor is contagion resulting from media coverage of LGBT suicide deaths that presents suicidal behavior as a normal, rational response to anti-LGBT bullying or other experiences of discrimination.”

It is so incredibly important for media to take note of this. Talking about suicide is always going to be tricky, and this gives yet another reason why it’s so crucial to choose your words carefully and really watch what you say.

Either way, this truly is great progress.


The 2011 National School Climate found that 8 out of 10 LGBT students experience harassment at school because of their sexual orientation.
Reblog this if you’re working to get that number down to 0!

Latino LGBT/HIV center evicted two days after opening


Just two days after opening, BIENESTAR, a nonprofit organization providing services for LGBT and HIV-positive Latino/a communities in Southern California, was evicted from its new offices.

The organization began providing services in its new Van Nuys space on August 13. On the 14th, the landlord demanded the organization take its belongings and leave the premises, and he had the locks changed. On the 15th, the landlord told BIENESTAR he was terminating their lease because they were “bringing disease” to the building.

“We feel that we have been treated unfairly,” Oscar De La O, president and CEO of the organization, said in a press release. “The landlord’s actions are a shocking example of the kind of LGBT and HIV/AIDS discrimination that Bienestar has committed itself to fight against and overcome… This situation is very unexpected and distressing, especially when we have performed these same services half a block down the street from this Van Nuys location for 12 years. We have never faced this kind of situation before at any of our nine Southern California centers.”

Bienestar will offer limited services in Van Nuys from its mobile unit, currently located outside the organization’s former office at 14515 Hamlin St. Services, including case management, rapid HIV testing and referrals, will be available every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Can’t even put into words how furious this makes me. Holy cow. I don’t know if anything is being planned to retaliate against this landlord’s despicable actions, but feel free to keep an eye on the organization’s website for ways you can help. 

BREAKING: Judge orders Prop 8 case closed


Buzzfeed reports that the trial court judge in California who has taken over hearing the federal court case over Prop 8 has declared the case closed. Technically, this should allow same-sex couples to marry in California starting immediately. 

The order comes despite the fact that proponents of Proposition 8 have requested the Supreme Court to review the case because, Judge James Ware wrote today, all requests to stay the judgment in the case have been denied. The proponents made no request of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court to stay the case pending resolution by the Supreme Court.

It is not immediately clear what impact Ware’s order will have or whether the proponents of Proposition 8 will seek a stay of the order with a higher court.

Holy CRAP you guys, this is huge. If the Supreme Court refuses to take this case, this is over and we’ve won. HOLY CRAP. In the meantime, GO GET MARRIED IN CALIFORNIA! 

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Student tip: Advocate for trans* equality - send a letter/email your principal or superintendent about the importance of creating an enumerated policy for trans*/gender nonconforming students in your school district.

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Gender Lesson for the classroom


This lesson was created in particular for those teachers who have gender nonconforming children in their classrooms. However, it is my belief that this curriculum is needed in ALL classrooms, to change society’s stereotypes, reduce stigmatization of children, decrease bullying, and increase acceptance of each other.

This lesson is to be presented at the very beginning of the school year to set standards of expectations for behavior, and can be reviewed as needed throughout the school year. It should be appropriate for grades K-5; please modify as needed. Role plays are included at the end of the lesson for comprehension reinforcement. Give the child the scenario and have them attempt the correct response first; give suggestions as needed. Lastly, please hang the attached rules in your classroom as a reminder of the acceptance that is expected.”

I read this because raisingmyrainbow.com posted a link to it on her blog.  I think it’s fantastic!  If you’re a teacher, check it out.  If you’re not, share it!

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