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Submission: Agender approved: cups & implant

I am a nonbinary (specifically agender) university student who was assigned female at birth, and I have found extreme satisfaction using both a menstrual cup and the birth control arm implant.

I’d heard about the cups from webcomic OhJoySexToy (a delightfully informative and sex-positive comic you should all be reading) so I thought I’d try it out. Due to a scheduling error, the very first time I used it I was on the heaviest day of my period, going without underwear in white short-shorts while ROCK CLIMBING. Seriously. It worked flawlessly!

It saves you money you’d otherwise spend on pads and tampons, who want you to believe they are the only options available - don’t believe their lies! It saves waste. It doesn’t give you Toxic Shock Syndrome like tampons, which can literally kill you! You can wear it when you’re not on your period to keep your underwear free of discharge. When you are on your period, it applies constant pressure to your vaginal walls, which can actually ease cramps! It is so comfortable that sometimes I have to check whether or not I remembered to put it in.

Now birth control. Once I began a sexual relationship with a cis man, I started using “the pill,” but I’m a huge daydreamer/procrastinator, so I was always terrified and paranoid I had slipped up at some point, no matter how thorough I had been. As a result, he and I always used condoms.

Looking for a “passive” birth control method (one that wouldn’t need regular maintenance on my part) I settled on the Nexplanon silicon rod implant, and I couldn’t be happier with it. It makes my period come far less often. It makes my period significantly lighter and less uncomfortable. At three years, it’s long-term. My student insurance paid for everything. Most importantly, it’s so effective and passive that I literally don’t have to think about it!

I have been recommending these every single time the topic comes up, and the combo lets my body feel most in line with my genderlessness (reducing dysphoria). My ask/submit is open if you have any questions - nothing is out of line! Try them out!

Non-Binary Underwear Giveaway



Hey Folks,

These are labeled as an XXL (40-42) but will fit a 36-38 (bought online from china). If you are over a 39” waist or under a 36 please SIGNAL BOOST.

This Giveaway is for Non Binary Trans people, so if you are a binary trans person or cisgender please SIGNAL BOOST.

Likes & Reblogs count as entries,

you do NOT have to be following the transqueermediaexchange, but there are giveaways every month or two. 

Good Luck!

A Winner within the United States or Canada will be chosen October 1st. 

If the winner does not reply within 3 days with their address and preferred name a new winner will be chosen.



For me and my friends growing up, being told things like ‘you have to wear this because that’s what boys wear” or “dresses are for not for your body type” was frustrating and a pretty bad time.

The bottom line for me is, if someone feels happier and more comfortable in a particular ‘type’ of uniform, then that’s something that should be encouraged, not punished. Students have enough to focus on at school, having to fight to be yourself shouldn’t be added to that.

That’s why we’ve launched a new campaign called Gender is Not Uniform.


Mills College Changes Gender Policy


Transwomen will now be admitted, making them unique among the nation’s 114 single-sex colleges. As Mills’ president told KTVU, “We were the first women’s college west of the Rockies. We were the first women’s college to have a computer science program. This is just another in many firsts.”

Great move by Mills. Here’s another take on the story from SF Gate.

Here is a resource post for trans women!


how to tuck safely

so, you’re a trans woman looking for a bra

breast inserts/forms, lingerie, and panties

breast forms

passing tips

cheap high quality makeup

clothing, breast forms and accessories

finding clothes that fit

more passing tips (contains statements which trivialize sexism)

how to be scene or emo and pass as a girl (contains cissexist language)

if anyone has anymore resources, feel free to reblog and add!

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It’s finally here!! Click the image to view the very first issue of Flower Crown Magazine!
Interviews with petitsirena and shedoeshimfashion!
"I Will Fight You About Blue Ivy" by Shanice Brim (likethebrimofahat)
"Too Dark in the Summertime?" by Danielle Mertina (daniellemertina) with images by Ellen Havasy (safetytank)
A Street Harassment 101 by Michelle Emile (michinknows) with images by Leslie Boroczk (lb-lb-lb)
"Sexism, Double Standards, and Street Harassment: Why Hello isn’t just Hello." by Elizabeth Dunn (deepcotton57821) with an image by Emma Ra (emmatleena)
A Photographic tour of NYC by Meryl Castro 
Artwork by Kaylee Dolloff (condemnasian)
And more! Plus, it’s it’s all free! Come check it out.

A beginners guide to sex and gender


People have a lot of questions about sex and gender. It can be super confusing and there’s a lot of misinformation out there. I want to look at some words that I get questions about a lot in this contact. I just want to put a general trigger warning as we do talk a little about slurs and what…

Because I got some questions after my “gender is complex” post last night, I decided to bring this back around.

RE: your recent post about trans parents

Trans woman Florencia Trinidad and her twins

Trans woman and argentinian celebrity Florencia Trinidad (best known as Flor de la V) with her twins.


I love LGBT+ families, We’re the cutest.

I found some resources for transgender families, but I wish there was just a tumblr where everyone sent in pictures







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