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Speaking from experience on the Irritable Bowel Syndrome front: I went through a myriad of painful testing only to discover that I had IBS, which causes a lot of uncomfortable symptoms including bowel mucus, but isn't actually harmful at all. Stress and poor diet can make it worse, but there are over the counter enzymes to help control your digestion. They're called Digestive Advantage Intensive Bowel Support and you can find them at Walgreens or Walmart.
I think it's weird that you're telling people how to raise their kids, just because you were raised one way. How do you know it can be "damaging" for kids to learn to accept affection?

I don’t have enough spoons to look up the resources and studies on this, can some of my followers help me out?

I would like to point out how questionable the phrase “accept affection” is. Because seriously, affection shouldn’t be accepted it should be given and received willingly. That’s telling people that they should accept physical contact they’re not comfortable with, do you really not see how damaging that is? Also, have you not read through follower feedback of people saying how uncomfortable and traumatic being forced to go through “affection” is for them?

At school today a kid kept pushingg me during PE when we were playing basketball. I told him to stop or I would punch him. See, I don't like being touched unless it's by my boyfriend, which I don't let get too physical. I don't even let my mother hug me. But let's just say, that kid at school is going to have a bruise on his ribs tomorrow moring...

I’m sorry you went through that. That’s one of the many reasons why I hated PE, it pit kids against each other and made more violent touches okay. I think the only think I learned in PE was how to avoid touching people.

I thought I was the only person that hated physical contact. People touching me kinda sorta really terrifies me. People used to make fun of me cause they thought I'd never get a boyfriend... My current boyfriend of 2.5 years took my fear as a challenge to help me overcome, and now he's the only person I'm not afraid to let hug me and I actually crave physical contact with him. I find it strange... but I'm not going to question it. =D

It can definitely take time to get used to a person enough to be comfortable touching them. I have a few people that I actually like or even crave physical contact with because they’ve become someone that I’m comfortable with.

anon who had a 2ndask connected to the 1st. boo, i actually did type that it was the 2nd part but i guess you didn't get it. so pretty much what i said in the 2nd ask is what you asked me... yeah, i do feel a lot of itching and it can get really intense and uncomfortable sometimes. i'll try not wearing pantyliners everyday, thanks for the advice. i can't remember what my regular discharge smells like anymore bc it's been a year or two. also im only 14 so how would i go about doing sth bout this?

It does sound like a yeast infection, though again you do need to go to a doctor to know for sure. If you’re comfortable talking to your parents please do. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, I got my first yeast infection when I was 15 or 16 and some people just are more prone to infections. If you have insurance you can go to any gynecologist your insurance covers. If not you can go to a free clinic or a clinic like Planned Parenthood.

@Threesome anon: Having sex is not the same as being sexually attracted. A lesbian can have sex with men all the time, but if she doesn't actually like men or feel attracted to them, then she's still a lesbian. Sometimes a lack of attraction can hinder the ability to have sex but for the most part you CAN have sex or do sexual things with people you're not actually attracted to, because the body will respond to phys stimuli. Asexuals sometimes do this for a compromise with their sexual partners.
Your response to the statement about gendered languages was great. That is all.

thank you!