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What can I use to masturbate with instead of a vibrator?


Want a vibrator? But don’t want, y’know, a vibrator?

Here are some other things you could try… some will probably be more powerful than others! if you’ve tried ‘em before, tell me if they worked or not! Leave a reply or get in my ask

1) The humble back massager

2) An electric toothbrush. Sometimes you can take the head off to reveal just a vibrating metal strip. Otherwise, you probably wanna use the back not the bristles!

3) Because when I think of shaving, I definitely want a razor that vibrates? Anyway, you can take the razory bit off to reveal the vibrating tip.

4) Oh look, a vibrator you can clean your face with! Thanks Neutrogena.

5) At a Walgreens or whatever? They have these hidden among the condoms…

6) And even these…

7) Or you could even try taking yourself for a spin cycle…

8) Or get a buzz out of those toy pens…

OK, that’s about everything I could think of! Have fun experimenting ;)

Just make sure that whatever you use is clean and if it’s not an authentic vibrator you either put a condom on it or use non microwavable saran wrap. It’s not ideal but it will make it safer.

Female Masturbation


Clitoral Masturbation

Using your hands and fingers, stimulate (rub, stroke, pinch, etc) the clitoris with one or more fingers or the palm of your hand. Some find direct contact with the clitoris too intense, and prefer stimulation near or around the clitoris. Others prefer to have a layer of clothing or some other fabric between the hand and clitoris. Try it both ways and see what works best for you.

G-Spot Stimulation

Inserting a vibrator or dildo into the vagina can help locate and stimulate your G-spot and offers a feeling of fullness in the vagina. You can locate your G-spot with your fingers, but it’s difficult to provide adequate stimulation through manual masturbation. Women who enjoy stimulation of the G-spot usually employ sexual toys to make it easier and more enjoyable.

Common, Everyday Objects

Rub your clitoris against any soft, non-abrasive object (e.g., a pillow, the corner of a couch, etc.) and see if you enjoy the stimulation it provides.


A detachable shower-head can be quite scintillating for just about any woman. The best shower available is the ones with the versatile control that switches the water from a steady stream to a pulsating jet spray. In hot tubs, avoid sending strong streams of water into the vagina; in extreme cases this can cause fatal air embolism!

*as always this doesn’t apply to females, but anyone with this particular anatomy

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Condom Use in America a Sexual Health Problem?


A recent study has found that the majority of Americans still are not using condoms. 6 out of 10 (60%) of men and women didn’t use any form of protection against HIV/AIDS when they lost their virginity, the study found. The study examined the sexual habits of 26,000 people in 26 countries and found the U.S. to be behind in positive condom use. 

The justification of the risk taking non condom users, is that 49% of respondents said they were confident their sexual partner was free of any STI. Despite this confidence, 20% of those in a relationship admit they are unsure of their partner’s sexual history. After the act, nearly 24% of all U.S. women say the lack of condom use was a mistake that they regretted.

One way to expel these risky sexual behaviors is to enhance efforts to educate teens about safe sex well before they have become sexually active. Since, nearly half of all high school teenagers have had sex already, it is time to start introducing safe sex practices earlier. 

This study has highlighted how important it is to continue to foster sex positive education programs to make sexually active Americans of all ages aware of all the possible risks.

ONE® Condoms directly supports sexual education efforts and universal positive condom use. A portion of every ONE® Condoms purchase goes to HIV/AIDS prevention efforts at home and abroad.

Yoga Orgasms. Real shit.


Also general sexual-health benefits of yoga.

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Curious why the Buddha is laughing all the time in some representations? It is because he’s been having an eternal orgasm ever since he became enlightened, which explains the permanent goofy grin on his face—at least according to one theory, says Morris.

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