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Study shows 40% of homeless youth are LGBT


As many as 40 percent of homeless youth identify as LGBT, according to a new study from the Williams Institute.

This number comes from a survey of 354 agencies about their clients. The survey found that 40 percent of homeless and non-homeless clients were LGBT. According to ThinkProgress, family rejection plays a huge role in the disproportionate rate of LGBT homeless youth:

Of all the agencies’ LGBT homeless clients, 68 percent have experienced family rejection and more than half (54 percent) experienced abuse in their family. Fortunately, nearly 80 percent of the service providers who work with clients under the age of 18 are doing family acceptance-related work, though only about half of providers working with older youth offer such resources.

The largest barriers to doing more work to reduce LGBT youth homelessness were insufficient state funding, insufficient local funding, and insufficient federal funding.

We really can’t stand for this anymore. 

Voters not so concerned with marriage equality, poll shows


Marriage equality is a relatively unimportant issue in the upcoming election when compared with issues like the economy, according to a new poll.

The Pew Research Center conducted a poll this month that showed that the economy as well as health care and education are more important to voters in the upcoming election than marriage equality. The same data also showed that support for gay rights from African-American and Latino communities is increasing.

“Americans care about job creation and providing for their families. This latest data reinforces the fact that supporting LGBT equality is not a divisive wedge issue, but rather just common sense,” HRC president Joe Solmonese said in a statement Thursday. “Fair-minded people are increasingly aware that extending rights, benefits, and protections to their LGBT neighbors strengthens the communities they live and work in. To suggest otherwise is a strategy that will fail with voters.”

Do you agree with Joe Solmonese? Does this mean that people take gay rights to be common sense, or that they aren’t devoting enough thought and energy to it?

I wonder how far up “human rights issues” was on the poll. Gay Marriage isn’t the only fight for GSM rights, especially considering that it mainly involves Homosexuals and Multisexuals who might want to get married with someone of the “opposite sex”

Study finds women more affected by staying closeted than men


Researchers at Boston University have released a new study that explores different facts related to individuals living lives out of the closet.

Some of the “findings” are incredibly common sense: for example, people whose parents are supportive of them coming out in their 20s live healthier lives, and people with supportive parents are less likely to experience mental health problems or substance abuse.

However, one interesting finding shows that women are more strongly affected by remaining in the closet than men. From The Advocate:

“It’s possible that the stress of not disclosing your sexuality to your parents affects men and women differently,” said lead researcher Emily Rothman in an announcement of the findings. “In general, gay and bisexual men may be able to conduct their sexual lives apart from their parents with less stress.”

Thoughts? Fair/accurate observation?

I wonder about people who aren’t women or men? Or who are trans?


Ten Truths about Sexual Health

  1. The teen birth rate is down.
  2. The abortion rate is down
  3. Access to family planning improves maternal and child health.
  4. Sex education increases knowledge and decreases risks.
  5. Condoms work.
  6. Contraception works.
  7. Emergency Contraception (Plan B- One Step ™) works by preventing pregnancy. It does not cause an abortion.
  8. Access to a full range of contraceptives decreases the risks of sexual behaviors without increasing risky sexual behavior.
  9. Abstinence works while people remain abstinent. When they’re not, it doesn’t.
  10. Family planning clinics are not in business because of the high profit margin.

These ten concepts have been supported, substantiated, replicated or demonstrated over decades. Statistical results are based on scientific and/or medical standards.  For my entire career, ideologues have taken a directly opposite stance to each and every one, by any and every means — except credible evidence.

Read it all here.


Gender nonconformity a risk factor for child abuse

Children who display behavior unlike what’s expected for their sex are more likely to face abuse, according to new research from the Harvard School of Public Health. 

The study, published in the journal Pediatrics last week, says that gender nonconforming kids are more likely to suffer physical, psychological or sexual abuse from adults. “Discrimination against nonconformity” affects about 10 percent of kids and is likely to leave lasting effects, including post-traumatic stress disorder. 

Using the nationwide study Growing Up Today, researchers looked at responses from 9,000 young adults who recalled childhood experiences. These memories included feelings of masculinity or femininity, media characters they imitated and whether they suffered abuse.

Those who reported the most gender nonconformity were more likely to have been physically, psychologically or sexually abused, the study says. Young adults who didn’t conform to gender norms in childhood were twice as likely to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder than those who did conform.

This is such important work, and it’s one of the biggest reasons we need to let our kids dress how they want, play with the toys they want and make the friends they want. Kids are kids no matter how they identify, and how we treat them at an early age makes a huge difference. 


Nebraska study finds evidence of workplace discrimination

Lawmakers in Omaha, Nebraska have been in disagreement for years over a possible ordinance that would protect LGBT individuals at work. Now, the city councilman behind the legislation has proof of how badly the law is needed. 

The University of Nebraska Medical Center’s College of Public Health conducted a study that found workplace discrimination to be “a growing problem” in Omaha, with nearly a third of individuals surveyed having experienced some kind of discrimination. There has been no statewide research on the subject, but 33 percent of the 800 respondents to the survey reported some form of discrimination at work for their sexuality or gender identity. 

"The national trend is that significant numbers of LGBT persons do experience workplace discrimination," said the Rev. Scott Jones, a local minister who has spoken out at City Council meetings for the Heartland Clergy for Inclusiveness. "Now we have our own research university showing conclusively that it is a problem here."

City Councilman Ben Gray will officially introduce the anti-discrimination measure on Feb. 28. Let’s hope this new factor helps the cause. 


Surprise, surprise - marriage equality would benefit Washington’s economy

You know how people joke that gay weddings will save the economy? That’s becoming less of a joke every day. 

The Williams Institute released a report Friday showing that legalizing marriage equality in Washington would add $88 million to the state’s economy in the first three years. The numbers are based on calculations of average wedding expenditures and consider the amount of money that would potentially be spent on wedding arrangements and tourism. 

Why aren’t more people paying attention to this? For those who don’t see equality as a good enough reason, doesn’t this kind of seal the deal? 


Marriage has mental health benefits for older gay men

A new study has found that gay men can avoid some of the downfalls of aging if they have a committed, legally recognized partner to get through it with. 

According to the study in the American Journal of Public Health, gay men over 50 stress out over aging, discrimination, and losing friends in the AIDS epidemic. But having a legally recognized spouse or domestic partner has been proven to help calm some of these feelings - which should not really come as a surprise to anyone. 

"This study shines a light on the mental health of a generation of gay men who survived the early years of the AIDS crisis and came of age on the heels of the gay rights movement," Williams Institute scholar and researcher Richard G. Wight, Ph.D., said in a statement Thursday. "Whether legal marriage benefits mental health within same-sex couples in the way it has been proven to benefit different-sex couples deserves much more empirical attention, particularly given that same-sex marriage is not available in most states and was only briefly available in California in 2008."

Like I said, this isn’t terribly shocking. It seems as though this should be true of any person, although it makes sense that the unique stresses of an aging gay man can be helped by - surprise - another aging gay man. What do you think?


GLSEN poll finds homophobic bullying as early as grade school

A new survey by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network has found that instances of antigay bullying are common as early as the elementary school years. 

The survey asked more than a thousand teachers and a thousand students about what they overheard at school. 26% of both groups had heard derogatory terms like “fag” or “lesbo” while nearly twice as many heard comments like “that’s so gay.” 

As other research has shown, victims of bullying didn’t do as well in school, reported having fewer friends, and generally did not report being happy in school. Most teachers reported being trained in combating bullying and said they spoke up when they heard antigay remarks, but most is not enough. 

What do we do about this?


The health benefits of marriage equality?

Whether or not they were in relationships, gay men’s health generally improved after marriage equality was legalized in Massachusetts, a new study finds. 

The American Journal of Public Health found that the number of visits to health clinics by gay men dropped significantly after Massachusetts legalized same-sex marriages, proving a well-known link between health and happiness. 

It’s also already known that gay men are more likely to experience depression and suicidal thoughts than straight men, and that social exclusion may play a part. This study implies that marriage equality may actually have public health benefits. From BBC News:

There was a reduction in blood pressure problems, depression and “adjustment disorders”, which the authors claimed could be the result of reduced stress.

Lesbian women were not included in the study as there were insufficient numbers to give a statistically meaningful result.

Dr Mark Hatzenbuehler, who led the study, said: “Our results suggest that removing these barriers improves the health of gay and bisexual men.”

Well, well, well. What do you know. 

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