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What situations do you think kids 8-12 need to be aware of and prepared for regarding sexual abuse, sexual harassment, relationship abuse, other types of abuse, STIs, HIV/AIDS, and contraception?

What do kids this age need to know about these subjects?

Health care decisions belong to us, not our bosses


CVS: Guarantee In-Store Contraception Access


Can you imagine walking into a pharmacy to buy ibuprofen and, finding that it was kept behind the pharmacy counter, you ask the pharmacist if you can buy some and are told no. The pharmacist doesn’t believe in selling ibuprofen, and unfortunately the sales associate on shift doesn’t either. It’s against their religion. You’re out of luck.

It sounds funny, but if you go to a CVS pharmacy for emergency contraception, or to refill a monthly birth control prescription, their corporate policy allows employees to refuse to serve you in the store, even if there isn’t anyone else on duty who’s willing to do so. Is there another store to go to? If you’re in an urban center, have time on your hands, are very mobile and have access to transportation, sure. If you’re in a rural area or have difficulties getting around, you may be out of luck at one of the largest pharmacy chains in the country.

It’s become something of a fad these days for certain people to try and prove their righteousness in public by refusing to do their jobs so they can try to interfere in the health care decisions of strangers. CVS has a policy that allows this kind of shirking of professional responsibility by its employees. But if CVS wants to be seen as a health care provider, as they say they do, they need to prioritize the needs of their customers.

CVS, a company that takes in more prescription revenue than any other pharmacy in the United States, should ensure that there is always someone on duty at each of their stores who’s willing to meet customers’ needs for legal, preventative health care.

Sign the petition: CVS must guarantee in-store access to all forms of contraception.

What birth control/condom/contraceptive myths do teens need busted?

What do teens need to know about these things?

According to the World Health Organization, 54% of people who got an abortion in 2000 were using a method of birth control in the month they became pregnant. 

It may be that they didn’t use the method the time that conceived, or that they were using the method incorrectly. They may think they may not be able to get pregnant and take unnecessary risks, run out of supplies, are having a problem with the method, do not expect to have sex, or be raped. 

The most common reason for inconcentant use because of fears or concerns about common non-harmful side effects. 

Birth Control Methods: What is used and what is preferred?

I found two interesting graphs on birth control

This is based on the results in a study polling people who used various methods of birth control and contraception and how satisfied they were. As you can see, the vaginal ring, IUD, and Injection left people highly satisfied, Over a quarter of people surveyed were dissatisfied by their current form, least satisfied includes condoms and other forms of birth control which may include the implant, spermicide, withdrawal, or methods like the diaphragm and sponge. For those wondering, OC stands for Oral Contraceptive.

The other chart is this one:

This shows the most commonly used forms of birth control. As we can see condoms, which left many people unsatisfied, are the highest used. Forms of birth control that people were highly satisfied with like the IUD and vaginal ring are among the less often used.

So what are these charts telling us? One reason why the higher percentage of people who were unsatisfied includes those who used condoms may very well be because more people use condoms. It makes sense that forms like condoms and the pill would be highly used because they are the ones we most see advertised for. There is more common knowledge about these methods and they are more available. Of course we also know that specialty condoms are usually less available and as many people find that specialty condoms may fit them better or feel better this may contribute to why they are found less satisfying. Forms that we may find more satisfying aren’t talked about as much and there may be many myths about their usage that dissuade users. 

Basically, it all comes back to sex education. We need to be teaching people about the different options out there as well as how to utilize that option. We also need to be working to make more forms easier to find, more available, and less expensive.

If someone tries a certain form and doesn’t like it and then doesn’t know their other options they may have unprotected sex or use a less effective form like withdrawal or fertility awareness by themselves and we continue to have an overwhelming amount of unintended pregnancies. About half of all pregnancies are unintended, and although some people are happy to find out they are pregnant others are not and may find themselves unable to continue the pregnancy or unable to care for a child.

Hey all the tumblr peeps taking the coursera contraception course!

I made a forum thread for us, it’s on the introduction section.

Everyone introduce yourselves, and lets see how many of us are classmates!

Switching contraceptives can result in an unintended pregnancy if not done correctly




This news can be found on Monday’s New York Times health blog earlier this week.

The article discusses various problems that occur when a woman no longer finds one method of birth control suitable and switches to another method. Without strategically switching birth control methods, the switch might actually result in a gap wherein a woman is capable of becoming pregnant.

Read the full article above, but go to the Reproductive Health Access Project for more details and advice on how to switch methods.

Birth Control Pills

The article doesn’t seem to work, but reblogging for the birth control switching advise.

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Really important info!

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Getting it On: The Covert History of the American Condom


Throughout history, people have used everything from seaweed to sheep intestines in order to prevent pregnancy, when all they really wanted to do was get laid. In the United States, it wasn’t until World War II that condoms were finally embraced as the pleasure devices they really are.

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