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IUD Insertion Preparation Guide

Before Insertion

  • Find a buddy to be there for you. This is VERY IMPORTANT. Not just for hand holding during the procedure, but after the procedure you can be very weak feeling. You may not want to drive and you may need someone to help look after you.
  • Get good sleep and eat a good breakfast. You may want to schedule the procedure in the afternoon to give you time to eat and digest your food. I ate breakfast and it came right back up after the procedure so it was no help at all.
  • Take pain reliever 45 minutes to 2 hours before. Take whatever over the counter method works best for you and whatever dosage works best for you. Again, be sure it has enough time to digest and start working.
  • Make sure to do everything you can to make yourself feel good. I made the mistake of not taking my medications yesterday (I take an antidepressant and anti anxiety medication) which made me feel sick today. I was also heat sick from being out in the heat. Make sure you take care of yourself.
  • Wear something comfortable that doesn’t cut into your belly. I wore a huge sundress and it was great.
  • Go when you’re on your period. This makes it easier to dilate your uterus. Wear pads the day of. Avoid tampons or a menstrual cup for a week after just because your uterus will be irritated and it could cause issues.
  • Bring snacks. It’s very common to feel woozy after and eating something helps a lot. I personally wanted something cold and soft because I was nauseous and having a hot flash, so also bring money and your buddy to make an ice cream run just in case.

The Procedure

  • Many places will want a pregnancy test just in case, so ask if you’ll need one. If so, be prepared for a pee test (drink lots of water). You’ll give a pee test first and then wait for the results and the doctor.
  • This may depend on the doctor and the facility but they just had me in a regular room where I’ve had pelvic exams done before. They told me just to take off my bottoms (another great reason to wear a dress) and put the paper sheet over my legs. I entertained myself looking at diagrams of reproductive organs. If you usually have to wait for your doctor a while, you may want something to entertain yourself.
  • The doctor will ask if you have any questions about the mirena or the procedure. Be sure to ask any questions you have. You may want to make a list. You can ask if they do any numbing or if they have anything to make it less painful or easier for you. This will depend a lot on the clinic and doctor. My doctor said that because the cervix has few nerve endings (ha!) there wasn’t really anything to do. Your doctor may be different.
  • While the doctor is getting things ready lie back, grab your buddy, and either focus on the ceiling above you or close your eyes. Some clinics will have things to look at on the ceiling. Start focusing on your breathing. Take deep breaths in and deep breaths out. Count to about 7 as you breath in, and count again as you breath out. Relax your whole body. It helps if you start with your toes and slowly relax all your muscles all the way to your head.
  • The doctor will use a speculum to open the vagina. Then they put in an instrument to open the uterus. This will feel like a pinch or a stab. Don’t feel bad crying out or squeezing your buddy’s hand. Remember, just keep breathing.
  • Then they will insert the IUD. This will feel like cramping. The cramping was no worse than a really bad period for me, but I do commonly refer to my period cramps as my uterus trying to strangle itself with the fallopian tubes or my uterus trying to crawl out of my belly button. This will last a little while as they get it into place. I also felt like I had to poop because of the pressure which make it uncomfortable and difficult to relax while they trimmed the strings.
  • Remember, the pain is different for everyone. Don’t worry too much, just focus on relaxing.


  • Take it easy! This period is again different for everyone but I’m a big believer in preparing for the worse but hoping for the best. My first reflex was to run. It was uncomfortable, I felt like I had to go to the bathroom, and I was cramping. I just wanted to leave and get home and curl up in my bed. I made it halfway down the hall before I puked up my breakfast (and something neon green). If you feel the least bit woozy or nauseous tell the nurse. Chances are they’ve seen this a million times before and they’ll ask you how you feel. Be honest and don’t feel bad about resting. You may need to lay down for a while, they will let you use the room as long as you want. My nurse brought me ice water and a cold wash cloth. The cold helps a lot. Small sips though! After you feel less like throwing up (or after you’ve thrown up and feel less queasy) eat something. That made me feel the most better. After a while of laying down they’ll probably get you to sitting and then standing. My clinic didn’t let me go home until I could walk to the car on my own. Take it as slow as you need. My nurse said that she’s seen people walk out fine first thing and also saw one person totally faint twice. Don’t feel bad about how you feel and be honest about it.
  • Go home and lay down, especially if you don’t feel 100%. I slept from noon to 6 and felt great when I woke up. Just a little sore and some light cramping.


  • You may cramp and spot anywhere from a day to a few months. That’s normal. You may want to avoid sex for a week to let your cervix heal. If you have any extreme pain, if you can’t feel the strings, or if the strings get in your way go see your doctor. My doctor made an appointment for me at 6 weeks to check on me, if your doctor doesn’t do this you may want to ask for an appointment to make sure everythings going okay and to ask any questions that may pop up. If after 3 months you don’t love it, talk to your doctor.

Women make up TWO-THIRDS of minimum wage workers. Access to affordable birth control is critical to their economic success.

Medications and Nursing


Contraceptive methods you can use while breastfeeding in order of least to most effective with common use:


Fertility Awareness



Cervical Cap



Progestin only mini pill

Depo Shot

Progestin only Implants

the IUD, hormonal or copper

Tea and herbals

teas you can use while nursing:


Orange spice



Red bush tea

Rose hips


All antidepressants are excreted into breast milk, however some have serum levels that do not affect baby. These include:

sertraline (an SSRI) 

nortriptyline (a tricyclic antidepressant)

Many post-partum individuals are more sensitive to side effects, so it’s recommended that treatment be started at 1/2 dosage

More Information

Pain Medications

Over the counter medications like acetaminophen and ibuprofen are safe as are:

oral codeine (although higher doses can cause infant sedation)

hydroxycodone (although higher doses can cause infant sedation)

When using codeine if parent becomes sleepy or the infant reduces feeding, you should contact your physician immediately.

Methadone has been shown to transfer to breast milk. Because studies vary so much, it is up to your doctor whether they would suggest breastfeeding.


Alcohol can reduce the production of milk, cause the milk to have an odor that can reduce sucking, and in certain amounts can cause drunkenness in infants. Chronic alcohol use can cause growth problems in infant. An occasional drink should be fine.

Illicit Drugs

You should not use marijuana, cocaine, heroin, PCP, amphetamines, excessive alcohol, and other drugs of abuse when breastfeeding. Studies show that cocaine, marijuana, amphetamine, heroin, transfer to breast milk and can affect the infant. If you are pregnant, doing illicit drugs and want to breastfeed you should:

stop using the drug by 90 days before delivery

enroll and plan to continue to be involved in a substance abuse treatment program

have negative drug screen at your delivery

receive constant and dutiful prenatal care

have no other contraindications (problems) with breastfeeding.


Cotinine (a small nicotine molecule) has been found in the urine of infants nursed by smokers even if they weren’t subject to second-hand smoke. Parents who smoke do report decreased milk production and are less likely to breastfeed. It is still okay to breastfeed if you smoke, but it is best to quit.

For more information on certain medications and nursing follow this link


Conversation Topic of the Day:

Have you ever had any problems getting reproductive related medical treatment?

Have you ever been denied a certain form of birth control you wanted to try or have a doctor bad mouth a certain form of birth control?

Have you ever been denied testing like ultrasounds or laparoscopy?

Have you outright been denied birth control, or STI testing services?

Have you been denied anything in regards to abortion?

Have you been denied the HPV vaccine or other STI vaccination?

What kind of problems have you encountered? Was it a free clinic? Planned Parenthood? or a private practice?

Tell us your story!

Based on the results from the survey I did asking y’all what forms of contraception and birth control you wanted to learn more about and what forms you feel like you know the most about, here’s the order that I’m going to be doing posts:

combination birth control
mini pill
hormonal IUD
copper iud
the shot 
internal condoms 
external condoms 
Cervical cap 
If you have any particular questions or comments about any of these forms let me know. If there’s anything I left out (especially if it’s a form not available in the U.S. that I may not know much about) let me know so I can do more research.

At some point while doing these posts I’m thinking I’m going to make some quizzes to go along with them to test everyone on what they know about each form. I’m interested in comparing it to the results of the survey question asking what form people felt like they new the most about to see how they relate. Also hopefully it’ll do some myth busting.

What Birth Control are you interested in?

Out of curiosity I wanted to see what type of Birth Control/Contraceptives people were most wanting to learn about. Let me know which ones you’re most interested in. No cheating and picking all of them, pick only your top 3 if you have more than one please.

There are only two questions, one is which one do you want to learn more about, the other is which one do you know about the best. This is to compare the two, help me figure out what order I want to do my birth control posts, and also I’m thinking of starting making sex education quizzes to test your knowledge and I’d like to compare what people think they know most about and what people actually know most about.

I’m trying to pump myself up and write my post on the birth control pill.

In an effort to do so any questions that appear in the FYSEQ (our questions blog) inbox or submit box or fanmail of either this or that blog about any of the birth control PILLS will get answered immediately. I’ll let you know when I’m done answering questions for the day, so try to get them in while you can!

In the Wake Of Hobby Lobby Ruling, NWLC Launches Hotline to Help Women Get Access to Guaranteed Preventive Health Services, Including Contraception

Also, if you have any questions about how the ruling affects you or have questions about your insurance coverage  text “birthcontrol” to 69866 and planned parenthood will help you out. 

Unfortunately lots of gendering language, but hopefully this will help people who need it.

On the state of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that employers could refuse to cover birth control based on religion many people point out that the ACA (aka Obamacare) will continue to cover birth control fully without the employer. This is the compromise that was reached.

However, this weekend the Supreme Court issued an emergency injunction permitting a Christian college to refuse to participate in the compromise around the ACA’s birth control requirement while its case proceeds. 

We all saw this coming, these people will stop at nothing to insure not only will employers not have to pay for birth control, but that employers will keep employees from being able to get birth control.

Hey, I’m wondering if anyone knows of any articles featuring an employee of Hobby Lobby or the other corporations that are involved in the lawsuits. I think it’d be important to hear from people being affected by the ruling.

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