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Advice for recovering after gynaecological surgery



Full article on the link. Here is a small excerpt from it:

The recommendations are a tool for gynaecologists, GPs and OPs to give detailed convalescence advice to their patients following their operation and are meant to become part of multidisciplinary guidelines.  The recommendations state that for patients recovering from surgery on the ovaries or fallopian tubes they can start light activities such as 30 minutes of walking, lifting or carrying 5kg two days after surgery. One week after surgery they can start moderate activities such as riding a bicycle or lifting 10kg and after two weeks they can start walking or standing all day and resume work.

Source: Royal college of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

[tw cissexism at link (although a lot less than I expected)]

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Classist justice



Far too often, I’ve heard radical queers and feminists, in their hipster garb, talking their academic jargon about checking one’s privilege and being accountable, and in the same breath mocking poor people. It’s not always explicit. Actually, in social justice circles, it hardly ever is. Many of you know not to say words like ghetto or white trash, or at least I hope you do, because of its classist and racist implications, but that seems to be where the anti-classist work stops. So, let me help you.

  • Every time you push your vegan/vegetarian/pescatarian diet on people, remember that your diet is a privilege that doesn’t make you superior or more of an environmentalist, food justice champion, animal lover or good human. I know you know about food deserts. Well, you don’t have to live in one to not be able to afford to have a restrictive diet.
  • Furthermore, poor folks went green along ass time ago. I don’t get why you feel so special about your mason jars and bicycles. Oh good for you for taking the bus when you could’ve driven. Do you want a vegan gluten-free cookie?
  • Yes, Wal-Mart is evil. So, is Urban Outfitters. Get over yourself. The only reason why Wal-Mart is singled out is because poor people shop there and it is easier to distance yourself from the problem. So, stop judging poor consumers who are just trying to feed and clothe their families, and start working to dismantle capitalism, or at least organize for workers’ rights (preferably in a non savior complex kinda way).
  • Your shitty college dorm room, apartment or shared house, does not make you poor, neither does shopping at Good Will.
  • There is a difference between being broke and poor, much like the difference between acute and chronic pain. Learn the difference. 
  • For those of you who do work with poor folks, you are not special, and you are not a savior. Like I said before, drop the savior routine. It makes a big difference when you take the cues from the communities you are serving. And, just because someone isn’t a college educated career activist, doesn’t mean they don’t know what is best for them and their communities. So, don’t be a condescending ass when people don’t talk like you, and practice some real nonjudgmental allyship.
  • Pro tip: classy, trashy, hood, ghetto, dangerous/sketchy/seedy (in reference to poor PoC neighborhoods), white trash, etc are all really classist terms and hella racist too. Think about it, why do we specify that the trash is white? Because all other trash must be brown, right? If you don’t have a claim to these words, don’t use them. 

Anyway, the examples could go on, and if anyone wants to add onto this, please do. I just don’t understand how a community that prides itself on fighting body-shaming and slut-shaming, could be so unequivocally class-shaming. In your own words, you better check your privilege.

Oh god this is so relevant

I don’t talk enough about classism in my blog.

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Materials Request!!! Please Re-blog


I’m working on a fact sheet about Transgender youth health. Depending on what resources I find, it might extend to the entire Trans community.

Finding articles on the subject has been extremely hard since not many people write about this.

I would GREATLY APPRECIATE IT if anyone could forward me articles and suggestions for what the fact sheet should contain.

Please & thank you kindly.

My email address is hachisugoi[at]gmail.com

How Common is Intersex Status?


If you poke around the internet trying to find out how common it is for a person to be intersex, you may well wind up frustrated that nobody seems to have a precise figure to give you. You’ll probably encounter some commonly-cited odds: 1 in 2000, or 1 in 2500. People have passed these figures around for a number of years, until, by repetition, they’ve come to seem generally accepted. I used to repeat these figures myself, before I learned more about how they were generated. Being born intersex is presented as rare; less common, say, than being born with Down’s syndrome.

These estimates are off by more than a factor of 10.

A true, conservative estimate is that more than 1 in 150 people are born with intersex bodies. In this post, I’m going to explain why the true commonplace of intersexuality is so widely underestimated. And yes, I’ll justify my 1 in 150 estimate by the end.

Well worth a read, and the rest of the blog, too

Other anon suggested a guide on sexual insecurity, talking to your partner and the like - if you write that blog, could you include a section on how to tell a potential partner you're a virgin?


I'm new to the blog, so I apologize if you've covered this before, but I'd enjoy an article on sexual insecurity and/or repression, and ways to become more comfortable with human sexuality or talk to a friend/lover about sex.

That’s a great idea! I’ve touched on the subject before but never in detail..

I'm reading your BDSM article now and agreeing. A few more things, the stoplight system is good, green if everything is ok, yellow to slow down and red to stop; my partner and I have that plus a safe word. A knife is good to have on hand for when ropes can be too much or need to be untied quickly. Great article and safe sex is great sex and communication is sexy C:

Thanks very much for the information and the compliments! 

if there are people who are watching, they can safeword as well. people tend to think that the sub's the only person who needs a safeword, when really a dom may feel that they are being pushed well beyond their limits and need to stop. also, people watching may catch something that the participants don't themselves, or, if someone is being prevented from safewording (whether by accident or on purpose) they can step up and do so themselves. always have a safeword! don't be scared to use it.

Very true! Consent from the dom is just as important as consent from the sub and both parties need to be comfortable. I did not know that about watchers being able to safeword too.

Just a suggestion to tweak your BDSM post... When using gags for play, a good trick for a safe scene is to use an object in your bottom's hand as the 'safe word'. Usually something that is loud when dropped, such as a pair of keys. Thus the dropping of the object means stop. Unless you are working with a hearing-impaired top, this will be something that will get the top's attention at all times, even when they aren't looking at their sub. Cheers!

I was not aware of that. Thank you for the information! I will add it!

BBC News: What is it like to be Asexual?

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