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Mississippi could soon become the only state without a single abortion clinic



Stay classy, Mississippi

I’d also like to point out that Mississippi has one of the top teenage pregnancy rates in the country. In 2010, it was in the top five states with the highest teen pregnancy rate*. Teenage are the demographic that is least likely to terminate a pregnancy but for those teenagers in Mississippi who DO want to terminate, what are they supposed to do?

Mississippi is just going to increase it’s teenage birthrate, which is already the highest in the country according to the CDC.



*Not that this is the pregnancy rate, not teen birthrate. Those two thins are not the same. The study that is linked goes into more detail if anyone is interested in it.

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"The 70,000 women who die annually as a result of unsafe abortion didn’t just die because abortion was illegal in the country they live in. They died because their lives were seen as dispensable by those in charge."
The complacency over unsafe abortions must end (via guardiancomment)

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Sex Education in UK Schools


So called pro-life organisations are entering UK schools and teaching children MEDICALLY INACCURATE ‘information’ about abortion in order to further their ideological agenda. They also present opinion as fact, which is one of my major bugbears. 

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