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is there a legally age to buy birth control?


Hi anon,

Different states in the U.S. have different laws about minors accessing hormonal birth control. You can learn about your state’s laws. However, a Supreme Court ruling gives minors the right to obtain contraception. If you want to access contraception but aren’t sure you’ll be able to because of your state’s laws you can visit a local free or low-cost and confidential clinic who should be able to help you obtain birth control. If you use insurance it is free, if you go to a clinic it may be free or very cheap.

There are other forms of birth control which anyone of any age can access, such as condoms. They can be purchased at a local pharmacy or a local clinic. Condoms are great because they not only prevent pregnancy, but they can prevent the transmission of STDs, as well. Hormonal birth control doesn’t protect against STDs.

I hope this helps.