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Sex Positive and Body Positive educational place. Includes information about different relationships, genders, sexuality, sexual preferences, safety precautions and everything else that could pertain in the education of sex. Accepting of all walks of life.
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SPARK is looking for new activists to join the SPARKteam!


We’re hiring!

The SPARKteam is a core group of girls and young women (ages 13-22) armed with fierce writing and creative arts skills, a willingness and desire to learn and grow, powerful ideas, bold strategies for change and the creative prowess and leadership skills to be a voice for SPARK Movement. SPARKteammates are passionate about challenging the sexualization and objectification of women and girls and promoting girls’ sexual rights and healthy sexuality.

We want to stress that being on the SPARKteam requires a time commitment of between 10 and 20 hours per month depending on what’s going on with you and with SPARK. SPARKteam members are expected to:

  1. Do two “actions” per month. Actions can include blog posts, performances, videos, media appearances, op-eds, & other similar things—if it’s related to our mission and you can document it on our website, it probably counts!
  2. Post and discuss SPARK blogs on at least two social networking sites per month. Pushing SPARK content to your networks is a huge part of what we do—reposting on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, etc. is super important!
  3. Attend two scheduled chats each month with the SPARKteam to discuss blog topics, action ideas, get SPARK updates, etc.
  4. Attend two SPARKteam activist training retreats per year, all expenses covered by SPARK.
  5. Check in at least twice weekly on the SPARKteam’s private Facebook group to keep up with the SPARKteam and see what everyone is up to. New action and blog ideas and media opportunities are often posted in the group, so it’s vital that you read it regularly.

This is mostly a volunteer position, but SPARKteam members get paid for the actions & blogs they create. You’ll be paid $50 a month ($25 per completed/published action). 

Click through above to read a little bit from SPARKteam member Crystal Ogar on why being on the SPARKteam totally rules, then download the application and get it in by June 4th! Right now we’re especially interested in recruiting high school girls, girls of color, & lgbtq girls in order to keep our ranks and perspectives truly representative of girls’ experiences, but we welcome applications from any & all interested girls ages 13-22. 

We’re looking forward to reading yr applications!