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GOP’s War on Sex



Anti-sex opinions are hardly new to the Republican Party. Candidates have passionately shared views against premarital sex, gay sex — even non-procreative sex within marriage. Has the US turned into a culture of killjoys or is this just the view of the ultra conservative right?

Presidential candidate Rick Santorum has compared gay sex to bestiality, while another candidate Rick Perry has condemned the “sin” of homosexuality, and dropout Michele Bachmann has compared homosexuality to a “personal enslavement.”

This anti-sex agenda is not new to the Republican Party. The party is well known for restricting access to contraceptives and abortion. 

This presidential campaign season however, the GOP candidates are finding themselves to be out of line with the sexual beliefs and practices of most Americans. According to sex therapist Marty Klein, “the private sexual behavior of all ages, of all political persuasions is getting more liberal. The vast majority of Americans have sex before marriage,” and they are ok with it. In addition, 99% of Americans who have ever had sex have used some sort of contraception. When it comes to sex-related policy, over half of Americans are in favor of nationally recognized same-sex marriage.

Then why is the Republican party becoming more sexually conservative when the rest of America is becoming more sexually liberal? It seems that with more states legalizing gay marriage, the more opposition increases from the right. The Republican Party depends on the religious right and can’t win the White House without talking about preserving religious morality.

Yet, a Public Religion Research Institute poll found that nearly 90% of catholic women are in favor of expanding access to birth control to women who can’t afford it.

The ultra right needs to see the opposition of a culture of sexual promiscuity. And this is exactly what Republican hopefuls are giving them. With sex though, things are different. According to Klein, “every time it’s about sex, we’re going in ewith one hand tied behind our back - and not in a good way.”

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What do you think about the Republican Party’s anti-sex agenda?

[TW rape apologism] After Watching Citizens United Film, Perry Shifts To Oppose Abortion Even For Victims Of Rape Or Incest



By Scott Keyes on Dec 28, 2011 at 9:30 am


Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) declared that he’d experienced a “transformation” following an anti-abortion film and now no longer supports allowing women to get an abortion if they are victims of rape or incest.

Perry joined Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, and Rick Santorum at the screening of The Gift Of Life, a pro-life film produced by Citizens United, in Iowa last month. Though the 61 year-old Texas Governor had long supported allowing abortions in cases of rape or incest before yesterday, Perry said the movie prompted a change of heart and he now opposed abortions without exceptions for rape or incest.

He told an audience of Iowans at Clark Electric Co-op in Osceola that he was moved by the story of a woman who introduced the film during a screening earlier this month in Des Moines.

“She said, ‘I am the product of rape.’ And she said ‘my life has worth,’” Perry said of his exchange with the woman. “It was a powerful moment.”

The Texas governor made the statement in response to a question from Joshua Verwers, a pastor at Full Faith Christian Center in Chariton, who noted that Perry had recently signed a stringent Personhood USA pledge that urges signatories to oppose abortion “without exception and without compromise.”

Perry’s last-minute shift on abortion comes as he languishes in Iowa polls, where the nation’s first caucuses are held in just six days.

His about-face falls in line with a long series of GOP attacks on a woman’s right to choose this year. As Tanya Somanader notes, “2011 marked a banner year in the Republican war on woman’s health.” From trying to redefine rape to attacking Planned Parenthood to pushing a bill that would let a woman die rather than save her life with a medically-necessary abortion, Republicans like Perry have opened up major new fronts this year in their war on abortion rights.


I don’t want to live in this country anymore. :(

*pregnant people, not just women.

It’s terrifying that all it takes to sway the opinion of a Presidential candidate is a poorly-made piece of shit propaganda film. Do people really not understand the implications of making abortion illegal even in the case of rape? It’s the disturbing idea that rapists have the right to pick who becomes an incubator and no matter what the rape survivor wants or would choose our politicians are on the side of rapists.