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Maryland legislature to consider gay marriage, transgender rights bills

Bills calling for legalizing same-sex marriage and banning discrimination against transgender persons are among the hot-button issues set to emerge next week when the Maryland State Legislature begins its 2012 session.


New Show Examines LGBT Politics


A new show on here! TV promises to delve into the issues of the 2012 presidential election through the eyes of gay voters. For & Against, hosted by Jim Morrison, will debut Friday, January 6 on the network.

In addition to deeper reporting on major political issues, Morrison will also sit down with top policy makers and pundits to talk about LGBT news.

“As we gear up for the 2012 election, we felt it was imperative to provide our audience with a show that would speak directly to the LGBT population around politics, politicians, and policies,” Josh Rosenzweig, here! TV’s senior vice president of original programming and development, said in a statement. “Jim Morrison is a one-of-a-kind renaissance man — brilliant, fearless, and trustworthy — who will undoubtedly get the answers to the hard questions and let us all feel confident that we are properly armed with the right information to make the best decisions.”

The full show is available to subscribers of here! (which is owned by the same company as The Advocate) at premium.heretv.com.

Click the link above to check out the show’s trailer.