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Posted on 17th of February, 2013
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FYSE’s “Get Well Soon” tips

My nephew got me sick so I figured it’d be a good time to talk about my tips on combating illness and when it’s time to see the doctor. I have a low immune system so I go through this a LOT

General Tips

  • Get rest. You don’t sleep well when you’re sick so it’s a good idea to sleep for longer so your body has time to fight the germs. Even taking a break and just lying down all day can help. You may feel the urge to just ignore it but this will keep you sicker for longer
  • Get lots of liquids. Drink water and fruit juice. Stay hydrated!
  • Vitamins. Although science has yet to prove that vitamin C can keep you from getting sick, it has proved that it helps you to heal faster and reduce symptoms. Take the daily recommended dose of vitamin C and echinacea. Eating garlic also boosts your immune system!
  • Be sure you eat good foods like fruits and veggies. This will help you keep up your strength.


  • Be aware of what your temperature is like when you’re not sick. Some people have lower or higher temperatures so what may be a fever for one may be normal for another.
  • A higher temperature is your body’s way of fighting germs, so help it out by keeping warm. Bundle up and eat hot foods, but keep an eye on your temperature. It’s good to get sweating but if your temperature starts to rise too fast, take time too cool down and take something with acetaminophen in it. If it continues to rise after that see a doctor.

Sore Throat

  • Salt water rinses! This will kill the germs in your throat. Do this a few times a day
  • Tea. Drink chamomile or mint tea, especially with honey
  • warm food can help sooth
  • When the pain gets to irritating you can chew lozenges or eat a spoonful of honey.
  • Look down your throat. If you see white on your tonsils it could be strep throat which is highly contagious. Avoid others and try to see a doctor.

Sneezing, runny nose, stopped up nose, and congestion

  • Blow your nose as much as you can. Don’t keep sniffling, that snot is meant to get the germs out of your body which they can’t do if you keep it in. If you have mucus in your throat, try to cough it out.
  • If you get congested, try taking a hot shower or filling a bowl with boiling water and eucalypus oil and put your face near it with a towel over your head. This will open up your sinuses. Take the opportunity after you blow your nose a few times!
  • Eating spicy foods can also open up your sinuses, don’t skimp on the garlic!
  • Keep tissue and a bag to put your used tissue in at all times
  • get a gentle lotion for your nose, you will need it. A good lip balm can help a lot if you have to breath through your mouth.


  • Eat crackers, toast, and peanut butter
  • chamomile and mint tea can also help
  • ginger is great for nausea, so drinking ginger ale or eating ginger can help a lot.
  • Keep a bucket with you at all times, especially when using the restroom as that can sometimes cause vomiting to occur.


  • Mint tea
  • a cool compress for your eyes
  • try some relaxation techniques, relaxing your muscles can help.
  • Get rid of distractions, noises, odors, or light that make it worse
  • sleep it off

Last, but certainly not least, do something you enjoy. Being miserable can make things a lot worse so try finding a hand held game, something to do on your laptop, or reading to keep you occupied. 

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