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Posted on 19th of January, 2013
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Penile Anatomy 101

NSFW images under the cut


Penis: The sexual organ found on those designated male at birth. Homologous with the clitoris. The penis can come in many shapes and sizes. It may be curved, which won’t cause any damage during sex. The average penis size is of a flaccid penis is 3-4 inches, erect the average size is 5-7 inches. The average size of a vagina is 4-5 inches, so anything longer than 7 inches (or even 7 inches itself) can be kind of uncomfortable. The main pleasurable spot of the vagina is the g-spot which is located 2 inches into the vagina so as long as you can reach that you’re okay. Also, penises can keep growing into your mid 20s. As with breasts, there’s really not a way to make it bigger. With exercise, reducing the fat around the penis can make it appear larger but that’s about it.

Glans: The “head” of the penis. The rounded part forming the end of the penis (this can also be found on the clitoris). When the person has a foreskin this is covered in a moist, pink tissue called mucosa. When circumcised this turns into dry skin.

Foreskin: The retractable roll of skin covering the end of the penis. This is made up of the outer foreskin (a continuation of the skin of the shaft of the penis), the inner foreskin (a mucocutaneous tissue that helps keep the glans lubricated), and the frenar band (where the inner and outer foreskin join). The foreskin can be any length, over the head quite a bit, slightly over the head, not covering the head, or very short. People can also retract their foreskin different amounts. Some retract all the way, others not so much. Don’t force it. If it’s painful to retract your foreskin and especially if this causes erections to be painful this is called phimosis, when the foreskin is too tight. Simple stretching usually cures it.

Circumcision Scars: Scars from circumcision vary from person to person. Some are unnoticeable or just a faint line. Some are very noticeable, uneven, involve a penile skin adhesion called a skin bridge, or foreskin remnants. 

Frenulum: a connecting band on the underside of the penis, similar to under the tongue. This is sometimes removed with the foreskin during circumcision

Shaft: the body of the penis. This is made up of three cylinder shaped tissue bodies, two of which are called the Corpus Cavernosum. Blood fills this to form an erection.  The third is the Corpus Spongiosum, this is a column of sponge-like tissue running along the front of the penis and ending at the glans. This is where the urethra runs through and it also fills with blood during an erection.

Urethra: The duct by which urine is conveyed out of the body from the bladder, and in the penis also transports semen.

Prostate: A small gland located in the pelvis. It surrounds the urethra, and produces prostatic fluid which when mixed with sperm and secretions from the bulbourethral gland (located beneath the prostate), forms semen. Can be stimulated by anal stimulation.


Scrotum: The pouch of skin holding the testicles, located behind the penis

Testicles: the two organs that produce sperm, enclosed in the testicles

Epididymis: A duct behind the testicles, along which sperm passes to the vas deferens.

Vas Deferens: The duct that contains sperm from the testicles to the urethra

Fordyce spots: little gooseflesh bumps that the penis and testicles may have.

Smegma: a secretion made up of oils and dead skin that can accumulate under the foreskin.

To clean the penis all you really need is water. When cleaning the foreskin, just gently retract it and wash with water. Avoid getting scented products under the foreskin. If you have a child with a foreskin don’t forcibly retract it to clean it. Children’s foreskins are attached to the foreskin and don’t retract to keep infection from happening. Forcibly retracting it can cause irritation and infection. The only one who should be retracting the foreskin and cleaning under it is the child when they’re comfortable. DO not use harsh soaps on penises with foreskin.

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