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Posted on 19th of January, 2013
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Atypical Depression

Atypical Depression includes the common depression symptom of sadness and decreased ability to enjoy life as well as other symptoms for Clinical Depression but also comes with the symptoms of increased appetite, increased desire to sleep, heavy feeling in arms and legs, trouble maintaining relationships, sensitivity to rejection or criticism, and being able to be cheered up by good news but then depressed again later. Usually there aren’t as many symptoms as someone with Clinical Depression or other forms of depression. Your therapist will ask about your medical history and then talk about your life, symptoms, and thoughts. Treatment involves talk therapy, antidepressants, and healthy lifestyle changes.

Like other types of depression, Atypical Depression can lead to decreased sexual desire. Talking to your partner and your therapist can help a lot. Talking about your feelings and thoughts makes it easier to think about other things, like sex. If you’re not feeling up to sex don’t push yourself, but do try to spend more time being intimate with your partner and doing things you enjoy together. Casual touching can also strengthen your bond. Atypical Depression can also make it more difficult to orgasm. Talk to your partner about this. Try new things and let them know what feels good. It’s important to make an effort to talk to your partner about how you’re feeling and to not let those negative thoughts overwhelm you. Remember, depression warps your thinking so that sometimes you see things negatively when really there’s nothing negative there. You may think your partner is rejecting or ignoring you when that’s not their intent. Let them know when you’re feeling insecure so they can support you.

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