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Posted on 11th of August, 2012
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EdenFantasys Review: Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex 3 Adriana’s Dangerous Mind

If you’ve ever visited EdenFantasys’ adult DVD store  looking for Tristan Taormino’s work you’d know how in high demand they are as all of them tend to be out of stock, but it is worth it to get your hands on them. I finally got to watch Rough Sex 3, which not only was directed by Tristan Taormino but also featured my favourite porn star, Jiz Lee. I was so excited to finally get to watch them in action. Tristan Taormino takes an educational stance on pornography, and it shows! This movie is divided into different segments based on the main actress, Adrianna Nicole, and her fantasies. At the beginning of each segment they talk to the actors and talk about that particular fantasy as well as other behind the scenes action. It’s like living vicariously through this movie as someone in a porn. Not only was it down right interesting it was arousing as well. It has a little bit of something for everyone, there’s some femmedom, strap on sex, gangbang, sex toys, oral, manual, intercouse and anal sex. As someone interested in seeing porn shot FOR and BY women it was great that it was all centered around a woman’s desires and fantasies. The actress got to choose what positions were used, who she worked with, and what she wanted going on. And guess what, she wanted rough sex! Yes, that’s right, women actually can want rough sex. You could really tell that enjoyment was had as well. Even in the behind the scenes parts where they were just talking there was this one part where one of the actors had never used a hitachi magic wand so she was just like “can I use this? cool” and just started using it and they were talking about how it worked and she orgasmed. Real orgasms people, real orgasms. I suggest this porn, and all of Tristan Taormino’s work to everyone. I love that EdenFantasys gave me the opportunity to watch this.

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