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Posted on 6th of June, 2012
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A short message on safer sex to prevent pregnancy.

Any time semen is introduced to a vulva there is a possibility of pregnancy. What we do is try to reduce the chance of pregnancy, but at no point if semen is in your vulva or vagina can I say “there is a 100% chance you won’t get pregnant.”

It doesn’t matter if you are sterilized

It doesn’t matter if you use Birth Control and Condoms and spermicide and the withdrawal technique an fertility awareness

It doesn’t matter if you’re on your period

it doesn’t matter if semen only gets outside the vagina.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in water

It doensn’t matter if you do it on a box or do it on a fox

If a penis ejaculates into a vulva or on/in a vagina there is a chance of pregnancy.

Grey areas include pre ejaculate (pre ejaculate only contains sperm from previous ejaculations, if it’s been several hours and several urinations since there shouldn’t be any sperm)

Sex in which semen could drip into the vulva (this has a really small chance of pregnancy, especially if you aren’t very aroused. Sperm needs liquid to move so if the vulva isn’t very wet and the vagina not very open there’s a low chance of pregnancy.)

Ejaculating onto a surface that is inserted into the vagina (sperm doesn’t live for very long outside of the body, once it dries it is dead. If the surface has visible wet semen it can get you pregnant but if it’s dried or it’s been washed you should be safe)

Of course, some people might get pregnant from the lowest chance possible and others might not get pregnant even if they have unprotected sex when they’re ovulating.

I can’t tell you what will happen to you. I can just inform you of the statistics and chances of pregnancy.

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