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Posted on 19th of May, 2012
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Circumcision Survey Results

Where are you from?

The United States 165 68%

Canada 19 8%

South America 3 1%

Africa 0 0%

Europe 27 11%

Australia 7 3%

Middle East 0 0%

Asia/Japan/China 3 1%

Artic 1 0%

Other 16 7%

Are you circumcised?

Yes 100 41%

No 140 58%

If you were circumcised as an infant what was their reason for circumcising you?

religion 17 7%

health 37 15%

cosmetics 12 5%

I wasn’t circumcised 132 55%

Other 43 18%

If you were circumcised later on in life what was the reason?

religion 0 0%

health 7 3%

cosmetics 0 0%

I wasn’t circumcised 140 58%

Other 94 39%

Circumcision Problems

Excessive Bleeding when circumcised

Decreased sensitivity (14)

Dry glans


Moral objections

Extra piece of skin left behind (4)

Skin Bridge that hurt every erection, needed corrective surgery, have scars that crack and don’t know if will have kids

Curvature of the shaft (2)

Irritation of glans, lack of sexual satisfaction

Painful/tight erections (4)

UTI infection

Trouble orgasming/ejaculating (6)

Condom use issues

Scarring (5)

Bloodborne sepsis that caused brain and heard damage

Lost a lot of shaft as well, sexual problems

Lost function/sensation,

Chaffing (3)

Botched surgery with chronic pain and bad scars

Frenulum removed, no sensation under the head at all

 discomfort during masturbation (4)

tight circumcision (3)

minor abrasion


Pinched nerve

Meatal stenosis/ulcers

Painful ejaculation


Difficulty with sexual performance


Foreskin Problems

After restored foreskin no problems except a yeast infection

Trouble peeing

Foreskin attached to rim on the glans when younger

Minor inflammation (3)

Sticking to the head

Gets dirty sometimes

Got caught in the zipper (2)

Soreness after sex

Phimosis (9)

Phimosis which resulted in circumcision (2)


Balantis (2)

Torn frenulum

Tight during erections

Foreskin seems too long (2)

Tore frenulum during rough sex

Skin became infected and won’t fully retract now

Were you bullied/made fun of for circumcision/foreskin?


Yes (2)

Made to feel self conscious (3)

Told I was unhealthy for being uncircumcised

Rarely believed when try to myth bust

Hate and distrust medical professionals (2)

Partners not liking it (4)

People tell me I should get circumsized (2)

Bullied and teased in grade school (3)

Feel alienated by anti-circumcision movement

Been threatened

Bullied (2)

Bad Response from family for not circumcising children

Being ridiculed by family for not liking circumcision

Other places include

UK (3)


Central America (2)



South Africa


Reason for circumcision at birth

Don’t know (6)

Routine/tradition 6

Dad didn’t want them to be a premature ejaulator

Doctor’s recommendation

Filipino culture

Surgery for hypospadias

Why get circumcision later on in life

Part of Filipino culture

Medical error

Phimosis (3)


This is a very emotional topic. Many people who were circumcised and whose culture was for circumcision were like “everyone is circumcised”, “circumcision is normal”, “The ladies love it” or even outright bad talked foreskin. And the people who had foreskin and whose culture was for foreskin answered similarly. A lot of times on both sides they’d express disbelief that anyone would be teased for their foreskin or lack thereof. However, many people also expressed depression and anxiety about their circumcision or lack thereof and talked about how they hated their body because of it.

I think we need to be more aware on both sides not to dis foreskin and not to dis penises that have circumcision scars or that are bent. Stop telling people they are “disformed”. Teach to love your body no matter what. There are ways to treat either foreskin problems or circumcision problems. I think I’ll probably do another post entirely on this. Know that you’re not alone. If you hate your circumcision I direct you to http://uncutting.tumblr.com/ to learn more about foreskin restoration and also how to take care of your injuries. 

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