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Posted on 24th of April, 2012
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Father With Autistic Son Sends His Kid to School With a Wire, Exposes Bullying and Abuse by Teachers.


Dear Akian’s teachers:

Fuck.  You.

Fuck you for tormenting a child this way.  Fuck you for treating him and every other student in that class like trash.  Fuck you for potentially scarring them all for life; for making them scared in a place they should feel safe in.  Fuck you for contributing to the cycle of special needs helplessness, where kids are given up on and left to languish instead of being given the skills and knowledge they need.  Fuck you and all your ableism, your lies, and your perpetration of a culture where people like us are devalued, harassed, and abused.

Fuck you.

Just fuck you.

This video makes me want to scream. But as a child care provider, it also galvanizes me. Because I know that I will NEVER be what those teachers are. And it makes me even more determined to always be a positive spot in the day of the kids I take care of. To always be someone worthy of their trust and their parents trust. 

father of the fucking year.

I just watched this whole thing.  I really really urge you to do the same.

Parenting - you’re doing it right.

I have seen SO MANY special needs students bullied by teachers. You do not understand how close I have been to punching teachers before. This is an epidemic, this needs to be talked about. 

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