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Posted on 14th of April, 2012
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Scott Walker’s Latest Anti-Women, Anti-Worker Attacks Are Now Law


by David Badash

Post image for Scott Walkers Latest Anti-Women, Anti-Worker Attacks Are Now Law

Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker on Good Friday night signed several evil anti-women, anti-worker, and even anti-children bills into law. The bills include a repeal of workers’ rights to sue, a bill mandating only abstinence-only sex education, a law that places new state limits on abortion.

The mere fact that Walker signed these bills into law quietly, late on Good Friday, as the holiday weekend had already begun, speaks volumes.

Click the link above to read the full article.

*these laws don’t just affect women

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    actually that article has a lot of inaccurate information. It’s still awful but the article stretched quite a bit
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    Yikes. Horrid.
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    "the skills necessary to remain abstinent." why.
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    *these laws don’t just affect women
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    As a WI resident, all this is really startling. Thank heavens for the recall election!
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    Because that’s what you do when you’ve lost the mandate to govern! Shove through as much as you can before the people...
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