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Posted on 21st of March, 2012
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Giving a Clitoral Orgasm (Partner)



A simple 5 Step guide for those partners/givers who’d like to get down the basics of clitoral/fingering orgasm. 

Warm Up Period:

This is very crucial for a successful clitoral orgasm. Begin with foreplay - warm the receiver up - kissing the side of their neck, mouth, massaging the body, touch every part of the body except the vagina. This should last around 10 minutes, until the receiver becomes sexually aroused and relaxed. The longer you - the giver - can take before touching the receiver’s vagina, the better. 

Step 1) Make sure your index/pointer finger on the hand you will using is wet. Either spit on it or rub some lube on it and some lube on the receiver as well. However, after 10 minutes of touching they should be wet and ready to go. 

Step 2) With them lying on their back, lie next to them with your left hand spreading their vagina and your right hand with the pointer finger on their clit. 

Step 3) What you want to do now is slowly and lightly move that right pointer finger up and down on their clit. Again, start very slow and light because even after 10 minutes of foreplay they still may not be totally aroused. 

Step 4) Ask the receiver if they like it; and see how wet they are getting. At this point begin stroking the clit harder and a bit faster. Watch their response. Still move only in the up and down direction. 

Step 5) Continue until orgasm :) Yes, it’s that simple

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