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Sex Positive and Body Positive educational place. Includes information about different relationships, genders, sexuality, sexual preferences, safety precautions and everything else that could pertain in the education of sex. Accepting of all walks of life.
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We can’t know someone else’s circumstances and we shouldn’t make their decisions. I believe abortion should remain legal, and women should be able to get safe abortion care.
I will help build a culture of empathy, justice, and support for access to abortion care and for the 1 in 3 women who will have an abortion in her lifetime. I pledge to help protect access to safe abortion care in my community.

After signing, you can also choose to sign up for reproductive and sexual health information and activism opportunities!

Intersex Fact of the Week: Week 1


Intersex is NOT a synonym for nonbinary, nor can it be used as an identity for someone without a physical intersex condition. Even if an individual has surgery to end up with ambiguous genitalia, that individual is not intersex. Also, genitalia is only one potential intersex marker.

Hopefully I’ll be getting my post on LGBTQAI+/QUILTBAG+ youth done tomorrow. To tide you over, here’s my experience of my local LGBT summit. You had several workshops to choose from so I couldn’t see all of them unfortunately. Here’s the ones I did see:

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So I meant to have a post up on LGBTQAI+/QUILTBAG+ experiences, oppression, harassment, and bullying in schools up tonight but it became a much bigger endeavor that involves much more research than I anticipated.

Plus I’m going to a local “LGBT Summit” event thing tomorrow and I have to wake up early. The events include Transgender 101, Mortgage and Home Ownership for LGBT+, Legal information on same gender marriage, polyamory, what the bible actually says about homosexuality, natural pre/post natal care for LGBT+ families, Sexual Assault, Diversity and Inclusion, Transgender Equality, LGBTQ+ youth, and the HRC local survey results. 

Expect posts! I may be live tweeting the experience or have my nose buried in my notebook writing notes. If you want to follow the twitter or check it out on the off chance I post feel free (I’m sure at least one of my posts will be snarky and about the exclusion of some group). My twitter is https://twitter.com/ALydiabyanyname. I may also post on the facebook https://www.facebook.com/fyseofficial

What are different examples of discrimination, bullying, and harassment LGBT/QUILTBAG students face?

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By not being silent.

Good point, let me rephrase my original question: How will you not be silent during this day of silence for LGBTQAI+/QUILTBAG+ students and their experiences of oppression, bullying, and harassment?

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kibihipi replied to your post “Today is the national day of silence in the U.S. for…”

DOS always bothered me. Bullies and oppressors are already silencing us- I want to SHOUT

I feel the same way, especially after hearing a classmate say “the day of silence is when all those queers shut up” I use this day to talk about these issues instead of be silenced.

Today is the national day of silence in the U.S. for QUILTBAG+/LGBTQAI+ harassment, bullying, and oppression in schools. What will you do to end the silence?

If you don’t want to be silent this day of silence how will you not be silent? What issues are important to discuss today?

(also, for those outside of the U.S. do y’all have a similar day? What do you have in your country on this issue?)

80 Percent of Young Teens Have No Sexual Education Before Having Sex


Sex education doesn’t start at 6th, 9th or 11th grade.  Comprehensive sexuality education is a life long process.  Teen are not being shielded from sexual messages from their peers, their media or society;  so why shield them in schools?  Age appropriate sex ed K-12 would ensure that 100% of teens get the information they need to make the best sexual decisions for THEMSELVES.

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