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ellielliott replied to your post “Quick, if you have any questions about IUDs get your ask on! For today…”

Does it make period cramps worse after you get it?

The copper IUD can make you bleed more and make your period cramps worse. The hormonal IUD can for the first 3 months, but after that there’s usually a 90% decrease in bleeding and cramping as well as other period symptoms, there’s a 30% chance your menstruation will stop altogether.

literalbabystew answered to your post “Quick, if you have any questions about IUDs get your ask on! For today…”

Does getting the IUD placed hurt or is it just general discomfort?

It depends on the person. Some people say it is just discomfortable, others say it’s the worst pain they’ve ever felt. Visit the aforementioned post for tips to reduce pain!

cholecystectomy-kid answered to your post “Quick, if you have any questions about IUDs get your ask on! For today…”

do you think, with all risks and costs included, that they are more frugal than the pill?

Yes! It is one of the most cost effective forms of birth control because they last so long and are so effective at preventing pregnancy. 

ideal-ideolog-y answered to your post “Quick, if you have any questions about IUDs get your ask on! For today…”

does the IUD/IUS have as great hormonal impact as say the pill. I suffer from depression so am reluctant to mess with my moods+weight more?

The copper IUD has no hormones so it’s a great option if you need to avoid hormones. The hormonal IUD’s hormones really is localized so there’s less of a chance of side effects like mood changes and there’s no chance of weight gain. The only version of birth control that actually has reported weight gain is the shot, and that’s because it can cause cravings. If you don’t change your diet or exercise you shouldn’t gain weight. 

blurtygirl answered to your post “Quick, if you have any questions about IUDs get your ask on! For today…”

Is insertion painful and can it really get embedded into your tissue and need to have it surgically removed? I heard that from someone once.

Insertion can definitely be painful, but it is pretty quick. I have a guide http://fuckyeahsexeducation.tumblr.com/post/96124998600/iud-insertion-preparation-guide that goes through the whole process and gives you tips on how to cope with the pain and make the pain less.

It is incredibly rare that an IUD becomes embedded into the uterine wall, about 1 in 2,000 people. To put that in perspective, you’re about 10 times more likely at the age of 20-36 to have a stroke than to have an IUD become embedded into the uterine wall or perforate (create a hole) in the uterine wall. However in these rare cases, they usually won’t generally surgically remove it. They will dilate the uterus and use forceps. A local anesthetic will be used so you won’t feel a thing. It is very rare that you’d need surgery to remove it. However, it is possible that in these very rare occasions scar tissue can make it difficult to become pregnant. If you have a good doctor and you get regular check ups that recognize the problem early and fix it you shouldn’t have any issues with fertility.

Corrective Therapy for Asexuals from Medical Professionals

I have had contact with you a few times under my vaginismus/asexuality blog called vaginismusandsexuality. I am requesting stories from people concerning a subject and since this also ties into your blog subject I was wondering if I could get a signal boost from you.

I am wanting to write an informative blog post about how the asexuality intersects with the medical field, both from physiological and psychological fields, primarily in recommending ‘corrective therapy’ to people who ID as asexual or those who may fall under the spectrum. More details on what I am asking for is in the link. The post will be sharing stories on what other people have experienced and how to defend your asexuality to medical professionals who want to ‘treat’ you.

Since I went under this ‘corrective therapy’ for being asexual while still in denial about it, something I will elaborate on more in the big post, I am struggling to get more submissions from people who have experienced this.  I really wish that it is because no one else has experienced this, but I unfortunately know better.

I really hope you help me get the word out on this project of mine; this is really important to me. I don’t want another person to have to go through what I did.If you do post this I request all information concerning this to be sent to my vaginismusandsexuality blog, not my main account.

Thank you.

Quick, if you have any questions about IUDs get your ask on! For today only I will be answering IUD/ IUS questions as soon as I get them either here or on our ask blog http://fyseq.tumblr.com/

I’m also currently working on my updated post all about the IUD, so give me feedback on what all should be included. What do you want to know about the IUD or IUS?



I have taken in all about 4 classes on family planning, and read countless websites and guides on birth control.

Why am I just now finding out that hormonal IUDs release less hormone into your system so you’re less likely to have hormonal side effects like loss of libido even though it reduces menstrual bleeding and symptoms by at least 90% because it takes place in the uterus?!

This is what happens when I decide to check out information from the UK.

I’ll keep y’all updated on the state of my libido for confirmation. IUD/IUS users, any feedback on your libido?

Read the answers, they are so interesting. Some like the copper IUD better and some like the hormonal ones.

Yup! Birth control is not one size fits all. 

meecajay replied to your post “I have taken in all about 4 classes on family planning, and read…”

My doctor used that reason to bully me into getting Mirena instead of copper like I initially wanted. I personally felt no difference between Mirena hormones and the ones from Depo-Provera. I switched to copper after a 4 month trial.

Every time I hear about doctors being bullies I lose more and more faith in the medical system. I’m sorry you had to go through that. You should be able to choose what birth control works best for you. No one should make that decision for you.

personal fyse post: iud update

day 3 of having an IUD and I’ve stopped spotting and cramping! I do have some irritation of the vulva or a uti though. It may be in part from my period and wearing pads as well as the trauma of the insertion process. If it doesn’t feel better in a few days I’ll go to the doctor. Any IUD users have any infection stories?

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