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Frequently Asked Questions

For all pregnancy scare questions visit:

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The hymen myth:

 The hymen is a lot different than most people think. It’s not some magical barrier that needs to be broken. Most people’s hymens are just a mucus membrane that surrounds their vaginal opening in a tiny crescent moon shape. It usually doesn’t break or tear during vaginal entry. Virginity is a made up social construct and your vagina in no way changes after vaginal entry. Gynecologists can’t even tell if you’ve had sex or not, unless you’re one of the few people whose hymens do stretch over the entire vagina or most of it or it’s happen recently enough that sperm is still present. In the cases where the hymen does stretch over more of the vaginal opening or it’s thicker or more brittle than usual, the hymen can cause problems and might need to be removed by a doctor.

The whole “blood and pain” thing you’ve been told about sex usually is because there wasn’t enough foreplay or lubrication involved in sex, or you were nervous or anxious. Your first time doesn’t have to hurt. Sex and vaginal entry doesn’t have to hurt. If it does, there’s usually something else going on.

“Popping the cherry” doesn’t happen. Feel free to finger yourself as much as you want. 

Q: What does cis mean?

A: cis gender: anyone whose gender identity matches with their designated sex. Whenever any baby is born the doctor will proclaim it’s sex. Sometimes that child’s gender identity isn’t the same as that proclamation, when it’s not they may identify as trans if it does match up they are cis. find out more information in the dictionary.

Q: Why haven’t you answered my question yet?

A: Tumblr does eat messages sometimes. I have a LOT of questions so it can take us 3 days to a week to answer your question. It’s best to either ask questions unanon so you get a direct answer, ask me to tag it with something so you can check the tag, or email me directly at fysexeducation@gmail.com

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