fuck yeah sex education

Sex Positive and Body Positive educational place. Includes information about different relationships, genders, sexuality, sexual preferences, safety precautions and everything else that could pertain in the education of sex. Accepting of all walks of life.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask on my ask site: http://fyseq.tumblr.com/ask, though check out http://fuckyeahsexeducation.tumblr.com/FAQ!


1. Draw your Genitals! 

  • Take a picture or get in front of a mirror and really examine your genitals. Draw every little detail. Then look up the anatomy and label them

2. Critique a teen drama movie or show based on what you’ve learned from FYSE

  • examine for things like safer sex practices, good use of consent, good communication, healthy relationships, sex shaming or modesty shaming, portrayal of different orientations or genders. What does this film do well? What does it need work on? What would you change?

3. An Activity explaining Privilege to Teens

4. Body Image Activity for Teens

5. Problems that can arise in relationships

6. Contraceptive Methods

7. How to put on a condom

Feel free to submit your work, or suggestions for more assignments!