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While waiting on different colored felt for the bodies of my dolls I started on hair. Here’s a stack of all the completed hair styles. Now to make them in black, red, and blonde…

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I’m not particularly talking about puberty - I’m talking about making people of all genders visible, regardless of age. It’s rare for media to show older gender variant people in particular. They exist IRL so it makes sense to show kids them

Totally! And I will definitely address that in the curriculum, it’s just for this particular part of the project, it’s about helping the kids explore their own gender and getting a chance to create other children their age that they can identify with or understand what friends their age are going through.

Petition, Modernize and Reinforce Sexual Education in Schools

I’m also going to be making felt genitals with different sizes and shapes of clitoris, penis, labia, mons pubis, urethra, vagina, foreskin, testicles, pubic hair, and all that fun stuff so that the kids can put together lots of different genitals and see all the diversity involved.

I’m going to need so much felt.

Gentle consensual hugs for anyone having to deal with family issues this holiday.

Know you’re not alone and that you’re not a bad person if you don’t like your family or if your family situation isn’t safe. I’m always here if anyone needs resources on self care or what you can do to get yourself out of harmful or unhealthy situations.

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Please do some of old and young and in-between-age folk!

Right now, just because I’m using it mainly to discuss gender with little kids we’re making them prepubescent younger children. Once I finish with this and see how it all works with the younger kids and pre-teens I’m going to make a “puberty expansion pack” to help talk about the changes bodies go through during puberty. After I do that, I’ll try to do some more diverse ages. It’s going to be a pretty expansive project.

I’m going to be talking to my co-trainer about using this in our general OWL curriculum and we may want to use it as a visual aid to tell stories so I may make other aged dolls for that (and of course I will share them and keep in mind some of the suggestions I’ve gotten for older dolls like mastectomies and different weight distribution. 


You can’t tell just by looking who has an STD. Many STDs cause no symptoms, so the only way to know your status for sure is to get tested. For example, 75 percent of women and 50 percent of men with chlamydia have no symptoms. And on average, people with HIV don’t develop symptoms for 10 years. Learn more here: http://bit.ly/PPSTDInfo
could one of them have a medical alert bracelet?

YES! I’m making a list of different medical aids and I will add this to it. Here’s what I got so far:

hearing aid






prostetic limbs

wrist crutches

colostomy bag


eye patch



back brace

insulin pump

feeding tubes

breathing tubes/oxygen




service dog

skin pigmentation/birth marks

Anything I’m forgetting? Keep in mind these dolls are supposed to be of 5-6 year olds.

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Personally, I would do one that carries the weight more in the stomach and less evenly distributed.

good idea! Will do!

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"Any body type I’m missing?" Umm fat bodies?

I looked at different body types for the age group I’m basing these on (5-6 years old) and the outline I got was like the one on the far right on top or in the middle on bottom. Should I make one bigger than that? I tried to get pretty diverse shaped bodies.

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