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Hello! I was wondering if you could discuss a little bit about the pros and cons of a female condom vs a male condom? Thank you!


Pros and Cons? I’m going to have to go with preference.  But let’s talk it through a bit.  

I made up this little chart, I hope it’s helpful!

For more about the internal condom, and to see more great art from the image at the top of the post, see Oh Joy Sex Toy’s post about this here.

I love love love the internal condom.


Intersex people are not rare, just invisible.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of shame and secrecy within our communities, perpetuating the invisibility. I’ve had doctors tell me over and over again that I’d never meet anyone else like me. (Thankfully, that was not the case.) So many intersex people like me have been instructed by our doctors, parents, and friends not to tell anyone about our conditions, which makes us feel shameful and unworthy.

I’ve been poked, prodded, and gawked at by so many doctors, it’s enough to make anyone feel like a science experiment. They say how excited they are to meet someone like you, they’ll “never meet another person like this, ever.” But when they say that to you as a kid, all you hear is “you’re a freak.”


Emily Quinn, “I’m Emily Quinn and I’m Intersex

This is an awesome article and you are amazing for sharing your story!

(Source: foryoursexualinformation)


In health class today, we got a “what should you say back to somebody who tries pressures you into sex” worksheet. This is what I wrote. And below, what it says, in case you’re having trouble with the picture or reading my handwriting."Come on, just this once." - I’d rather have pizza and watch a movie. "What could it hurt?" - You, if you keep pestering me. "Everybody’s doing it." - Too bad I’m not everybody."If you loved me, you’d let me." - If you loved me, you’d buy me Supernatural on Blu-Ray. Hand ‘em over. "I promise we’ll use a condom every time." - *stares blankly until partner gets uncomfortable and leaves*"No one has to know." - No one has to know if I murder you."What are you afraid of?" - Spiders, needles, wasps, clowns, heights, murderers…"Don’t you love me enough to have sex with me?" - No."You’re just chicken." - *starts twitching wildly, making chicken noises, and flaps arms like wings*"Don’t you want to know what it’s like?" - Not with you."Everyone knows you’ve done it before." - I’d think I’d remember something like that."Maybe you just don’t like boys." - Yes, I’m a lesbian."Put out or get out." - Okay, bye. "I’m clean, I promise." - Maybe you should take a bath, then, just to be sure.

I love the response “not with you”
No one who tries to pressure you is worth your time.

I just found my #sexed homework from 10th grade, dated January, 2001. THIS is why I became a #sexologist. Let’s deconstruct how bad this is. 1⃣ They actually explain the word clitoris. Holy shit! But merely refer to it as “a small, round, sensitive area of skin”. It’s not actually an “area of skin” anymore than a penis is “an area of skin” (yes, technically, but a poor description). It’s also not really that small. No mention of it’s function, even though the function of everything else is explained. No mention of pleasure. No mention of sexual response. No mention of orgasm. Just “sensitive”. My eyeball is sensitive too, so what?!? This description is useless! 2⃣ The clitoris is missing on the drawing on the next page in the packet. Fail. 3⃣ The word “orgasm” is in the word bank for the male reproductive system, but not female. It goes alphabetically from “menstruation” right to “ovaries”. Guys! Only males have orgasms! #sexedfail #erasure #thisisimportant! #cliteracy #imstillangry #14yearslater

If any of you are taking sex education (or if you’re in the southern United States, more likely “abstinence only class”) or health class and you have any assignments like this that are hilariously sad, feel free to send them my way!(sorry for the gendering language in the reblogged post)
How to Selfie Like a Boss by Oh Joy Sex Toy

There are lots of birth control options that are safe, accessible, affordable and reversible. Reblog and raise awareness!

Our Conversation Topic of the Day is brought to you by Banned Book Week. One of the main causes for a book to be banned is “sexuality” What is a book, movie, song, tv show, or any other piece of media that was a part of your sexual, romantic, or self-love awakening?

What is a story you have about censorship and how it affected your sexuality, romantic self, or comfort with your self?


Pregnant and parenting youth deserve respect and support, not shame and stigma! Love this initiative from California Latinas for Reproductive Justice. 
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